What are some good memorizing tools you use when studying?

Princess W.
I use the help of the Holy Spirit…the Holy Spirit should never be underestimated when it comes to memorising things. Mnemonics and visualisation are also very good 👍
Maria D.
I like to make myself flash-cards with questions/words on the front and answers/definitions on the back. That way I can test myself with active recall
Naja W.
While trying to memorize during studying, I firstly try to vividly visualizer the concept, like what is actually happening. For example in case of electricity in physics, I try to see how actually the current is flowing through the solenoid and so on. Secondly in pure memorization, I try to read it more like a story, like this happened after this at this time, and I found it suits me well.
Charlie Z.
Many times, it's repetition. It drills what ever you are memorizing into your mind. Another tool I use is memorizing right before I go to sleep. It's really efficient so that when I wake up, it's still on my mind.
Kristina J.
A get ready routine: i put my books on the table, pick up my favorite tools and put on pink noise (I heard it's good for memorization) ofcourse i put my phone away, but to motivate this i turn on Forest so I can plant a tree while studying. Thank you for reading my reply :D!
Nour N.
1-Throw distractions out of the room ( phone)
2- Clean the mind from everything negative and focus on the material infront of me
3- Repeat until memorizing and if literal memorizing isn’t possible then understanding the idea is enough .
4- Take a break every 2 hours .
5-Pretend that you are interested in the material even if you are not .
6- Write down the titles .
Tri A.
Copying down notes and explaining a concept to myself using my own words and my own analogies. The second option is more helpful in memorizing topics for longer as you already understand what you are studying. This is how I can still recall key ideas from my sociology classes that I can still apply relevantly in my everyday life now.
Dustin O.
Surely I don't use memorizing tools. I mostly use memorizing tips like managing time , doing past papers ,watching videos related to get a better understanding and so on.. I rarely use memorizing tools but using sticky notes and using a book for short notes seems a great idea..and one thing that mostly help me with studying is motivational quotes. I have tons of them so everytime I feel like giving up I look at them which get me motivated
That way I'll be motivated and focused 😊
Maja B.
I try to get a basic understanding of things and then test myself. I mostly do that with flashcards.
Also i rewrite some of my notes – just pretty yk and that kinda motivates me.
Anthony E.
Writing in a book and trying to understand it through practice books helps me memorize really well it would be better if I have personal tutor
Imi V.
I focus on what I’m doing until I finish and I like to study in the morning bc Im still mind free and I can do everything
Jaaslyn S.
Some good memorizing tools I use when I study is mainly repeating what it is I am studying over and over again. What I mean by this is I try to make a catchy saying or phrase that goes along with what I am studying and will say it over and over again, out loud and in my head, until the day of my exam. My teachers also have used this method throughout my years of schooling. Maybe correlate what you’re studying with a song or a funny inside joke.
Zoe E.
First read the information out loud
Second repeat it and try to understand each word
Finally writing the information make it go deeper and harder to forget
Elena X.
I've always been doing the "writing down" method. As an student, memorization is an important part of studying. And for me, since I'm a bit weak in memorising by reading, I write the sentences down
Dia X.
I actually started using the blurt technique. Whatever I learn, I write it down on a paper and compare it with my notes.
Jaden P.
Some of the materials I use when studying are a black pen, he dark color on the light paper will make the notes easier to see when reading over, also, sticking to one color for your entire page will help it look more organized and easier to read. A few tips for studying: Box important info, always remember these notes are for you so it doesn’t,t matter if they are messy, don’t spend more than 5 minutes on the title.
Sincerely, Jaden
Ma Ly Y.
Repetitation and Writing are the key tools that are used in my life. Repitation helps you to memorize and learn. Writing and Repitation are interconnected if you have done repeating a topic than write it down in your own words and find out where you have been mistaken by checking your answer. Otherwise copy a answer, learn it and than write it again orally.
Johan Y.
I usually go for reading the material then making questions for it then answering the questions then repeating that for a few sets then im good
Katrine N.
If you can multitask I would listen to some soft instrumental music to help you focus and study. It’s also a good idea to have a snack on hand.
Fannie N.
Well, when I am studying, I always read the text that I have to memorise silently in my head one time. Afterwards, I try to explain it to myself, and then I say it out loud until I know every part of the paragraph. It is really helpful and always satisfies me, despite the fact that it is exhausting.
Lavende R E M N.
I listen to music while studying. When I’m reading my lesson, I keep a pen and a block note near me, so I write everything on this note book while I am reading the lesson
Emily X.
I usually use flash cards or will use an online platform or game to remember things. But most times I can remember things I’ve learned just by practicing them.
Steve A.
I usually use highlights when i write, I make small schemes with principal ideas and I leave the main ideas on sticky notepad place them on the wall
Taylor M.
i keep my workout clothes beside my bed or go to sleep in them, and i make a sports drink too. it’s really motivating. I don’t lift weights, i usually use the fabulous 7 minute workout. it’s really simple!
Anh Q.
It is difficult for me to focus on somethings. So that I ussualy writw to do list everyday and try to complete them. I like listening the audio which bring me good energy. Sometimes, I created a stressed deadline to complete my assignment. But it make me too difficult to sleep, I am too worry
Kayla P.
I like to keep repeating something in my head to remember it. When studying, I recommend “drilling it in”. Practice with a friend, family member, classmate, or even yourself. Ask each other (or yourself) the questions, answer, then check the answer. Then, repeat. You want to repeat all of the items. Even if you got a question right, you should still repeat these.
Marius Z.
Blurting!! Reading something then writing it down after purely on memory. Best strategy imo.
Then past paper questions also flash cards
Shekinah A.
I use flashcards and some learning applications that involves studying and memorization like, quizlet and study smarter.
Kayla P.
I personally don’t study, but my family has these memorization games. We memorize and learn important facts, like capitals of US states or countries, names and order of seniority of the authorities in our church -The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-, etc. He calls out, say, Peru and we have to remember and shout out Lima. It’s basically repeating them out loud and “drilling” them into our brains. It helps me a lot. You can use it with all kinds of facts. You can also do basically the same thing by yourself, like flash cards, or with your family and friends. I hope that answered your question.
Shany P.
I try to be present, take some deep breaths, drink some water and get back to what I was doing because it is hard for me to memorize when my mind is wondering off my study. Other trick is to visualize mentally what I’m trying to memorize so all of my focus is directed to that.
Eries G.
A pen, a paper and a higlighter. By writing some important details and higlighting that one word that describe it. This way your brain may familiarize some details that describe that one word. And light color can attract your eyes.
Wieslaw F.
The Blurt method ….I think that's the name
Where you read through the information then recite/ write down everything you remember on another page
Maximino E.
I am not from a university or college. I am studying in grade 5 and I am a topper so I can help you . Before studying , you must wash your face and get freshen up then you can do exercises to improve your concentration
Sree A.
Do you mean memorizing or remembering? If you mean something like memorizing terms, try associating the words with another concept you know well that’s also related to its meaning. If you mean remembering concepts, try and understand it as if it is a story or a sequence (ex: story of empires throughout history, certain steps to solve a math problem, a series of events for a biological happening to occur, etc.). I would also recommend mind maps and using as many resources as possible so you can truly understand the subject. Also, flashcards can be great for just memorizing, too!! Good luck!
Judy C.
Human mind loses attention after about 30 minutes. Keep your continuous studying max 30 minutes, then take a 5-10 minute brake. During the brake do somthing you like (for example, draw, use social media, look at the sky, just relax) to take your mind off the thing you are studying. To let your mind go at ease. After that 5-10 minutes have passed start studying again. For 30 minutes again. Repeat the whole process until you reach the desirable amount of pages (or whatever you are learning from). And remember, the most important thing for remembering what you learned is a good amount of sleep. During your deep sleep the short-term memories become long-term memories.
Kyle G.
My self-made flash cards on an app (quizlet),study a few minutes on that same day before going in the paper,day something the day before reading loud and try to remember every detail then note done what you remember the next day

Hope this helps

Esmeralda P.
I try to repeat what I just read with simple words and examples that I can understand and remember easily when I’m repeating the subject or topic. Or I use visual recall, that means that I use different color for different topic. Example yellow: key word pink: for words I don’t know blue: for example etc.
William Z.
My memorizing tools is write abot everything that i considering important, that way somethings that i study are engraved in my mind
Samir T.
Usually I would use something like the passive and also the active way to memorize or learn something so maybe I could use flashcards I could also use summarizing notes without reading the article or the thing you learn from you could also use study lectures and also to remember things is to highlight them it as is a passive way to remember it or you could also make it as a song You could also do lots of things and probably this thing doesn't work for you but you can actually travel you can actually explore more things than these.
Clinton N.
One way I like to not only memorize, but understand new concepts is repeatedly explaining the material out loud as if I was explaining it to another person. This allows me to find any gaps in my knowledge when I stutter or don’t know how to continue my explanation.
Chester N.
For me, I often use flashcard (StudySmarter) for subject that contains a lot of theory that needs to be memorized, like Civic Education and History. For subject which more focused on implementation, like Math and Physic, I often watch explanation video and do practice problem (Khan Academy).
Malek N.
I use space repetition through Anki or make summary for the lecture that I took today on notion. This is the main study methods that I use these days
Sergio U.
I cannot understand something complex if I don’t write it down. I write it as messily as I can with lots of colours and details. I sometimes make guide sheets on how to answer a type of question. And then I just fo the most practice problems I can find. For memorization specifically I use mnemonics and flash cards.
Albani Z.
I write what i want to memorize many times so it can be stuck to my memories also everyday i study 30 mins of the stuff that i studied the day before so i can not forget anything
Md U.
Study music from app, studying after a well sleep, a silent place, taking offline shorts breaks in every 30-60 mins, balanced diet, book marking tools, youtube short videos.
Shreyash Z.
I don't have good memorizing skills , i like to understand first so I just little memorize . First I write something on paper then remember.
Julia O.
I make my own notes. It helps me to maintain focus. Moreover its easy to catch up when I have to leave studying midway. And when I have to prepare for exam I just see my notes and I'm ready to go.
Georgia N.
The blurt technique works really well for me, where you memorise a sentence and scribble as much down as u can remember and check and keep writing it until you get it right, i did this with all my textbooks and worked really well for my GCSES and Alevels, same with flash cards which trigger what u memorised in the text book, i made a flash card for each page.
Sarvesh X.
I use flash cards and use a review system that I coded on my own-which reminds me whenever i have to study about something
Patrick O.
Flashcards, teaching someone else something I just learned, talking about new material; paraphrasing to check for understanding
Agustin P.
Pomodoro, sticky notes, and mind Palace, those memorizing tools are great to retain all you have been studied or at least at 80% – 85%
Kenneth Q.
I’ve learn to be more insightful, try to gain more knowledge and wisdom that I didn’t know of before so I can help build my body, mind, spirit and my environment. I’ve learned a lot of Coping Skills as well to help with my mental
Maisana D.
Space effect and deep concentration are the most thing that are goving me a full understandig and memorization of the topic .
Zoey Z.
Ok….good question sooo what I do is forst I read understand and then try to write in my own words and make some notes this really helps….try out for urself
Nikolett R.
I usually take time to make a short summary myself – this way, I'm forced to concentrate on the important things and see connections between them which will make it easier to condense it. Actually interacting with the material this way really helps me memorize it – I can attach an experience to it. It's even better when I write/draw the summary by hand.
Carole Z.
So first read….understands then I write it down in my book without seeing…..helps in memorizing the concept…whereas practice and reading the same thing over and over again would help also imagineing the story or the event that happened as per the content would help…hope this would help
Blaq Q.
Flash cards, writing correct answers down, studying the material, and repeating the answers to myself repeatedly and consistently without distractions for a period of time (however long it takes). Also, a rested body and mind with a well maintained diet can help with concentration, memory, and focus points, which can also help when memorizing things. These things are very important and proven helpful for me and it may work for you as well as it does for me. Only way to know is if you try it for yourself. Oh and you’re welcome 😇
Dianne N.
Blurting: after reading from a textbook, watching an educational video, etc, write down all the information you know in pencil, black or blue pen and then fill in the information you missed with a red pen. Writing down and actively recalling the information helps you to remember it better and filling in with red helps you remember your mistakes.
Flashcards: good for memorising key terms and facts, for example element symbols in chemistry, or works and phrases in different languages
Practice questions: you can find them in your textbooks or online. It allows you to apply knowledge and extend understanding.
Hatice B.
I write notes on my own after every subject is taught
I Draw a flow chart or mind map on by notes book and my whiteboard
I try to solve mcqs to check my ability to memorize
It S N.
I use pomodoro timer and stopwatches with daily rewards(focus plant). I listein to ambient music and motivational speeches. For memorizing I create Mnemonics and small chits and stick them to the wall.
Anjali T.
I find I understand a topic and recall it best by taking handwritten notes. I focus on understanding what something means logically and reading up on as many examples as possible. Videos and visuals can be very helpful. It makes it easier for me to remember something when I take these steps.
Victor Z.
Write short notes in my own ,try it make it the form of a flow chart or connected , use highlighters of different colour according to the importance of the content, sticky notes for extra information.
Karolina X.
The way you write notes can be super beneficial to remembering and studying. Go and find a note taking method that works for you!
Robin F.
Repetation and writing the answer down is the tools I use for memorizing. It is effective and very good for us to remember as our brain processes all the information that we say and write.
Ted C.
I often just Listen to Music i like or often think about, because when im memorize the music i studied with i just know what i learned in the same time and the i just remember. But i dont know if its just me or Simone else like you could use it aa good as 1me 🙂
Puteri A.
I only use pen and paper, i will draw and imagine about it, it will makes me easier to remember quickly, sometimes you will forget what u already memorised, it is normal,
So what are you gonna do is..
Repeat it everyday or takes 3 days to repeat the same thing u want to remember for a longer time
Nora Q.
At first I separate each topics I want to study then I start reading first top.I read 2-3 times a sentence until I understand the topic and I start to check whether it memorised and then I say that topic without looking it and that topic is cmpltly memorised for me…I think it’s better to understand the topic with reading and then to memorize
Adam W.
One tool I would recommend is using spaced repetition with a flashcard app/website such as Anki, Knowt, and Quizlet. This will help you to store the information in your long term memory and better recall it. If you are close to an exam and want a last minute studying technique, I would say do as many past papers or previous exam questions as possible. Another way to see how much you really know the content and where some gaps in your knowledge may lie, I would say try explaining the topic to someone who knows nothing about it or just pretending to explain to someone. As this is quite a brief overview of some studying techniques, I would recommend checking out youtubers like Ali Abdaal and Fayefilms etc. for some more in depth tips on studying.
Daisy F.
To memorize content, try to take notes in your own words, rather than writing it down exactly as you read or hear it. Also, answering questions is the best way to study efficiently!
Klaus Ulrich J.
Writing has been a good practice recommended by my teachers and peers. Ofc mindlessly jotting down things isn't helpful. Recalling things u read and jotting them down, noting keywords while reading a paragraph, brief analysis of what you read is also good if you are patient enough. Since I have weakness for pretty stationary I generally use my favorite pens and accessories to write important notes , summary, highlights and other . This way I can enjoy the process of studying and revision.
Jesse P.
I am a visual learner so I like to use a lot of colour on my notes when I am summarizing. I like using a bullet point format because it is short and simple and leaves out the unnecessary bits. You could also try reading the notes you made out loud.
Amna F.
Repitive revision is really effective for good memorizing. If u will go through your study material daily then it will be transferred to your long-term memory and u will memorize it completely. Second brain method is also really effective. Make a folder named second brain and as u study write the things u wanna learn in it that takes your time. It can be in the form of virtual notes, audio or even on paper. Then u can go through them daily and u will memorize it.
Evlyn F.
I don’t really use any specific methods I just find that highlighting the keywords and giving myself time is really the best way for me to memorize. Also it is better not to do any last minute studying finish everything before hand and revise the few days before the exams