What do you think is the best way to fight against the feeling of giving up one goal when this feeling comes?

Alizee T.
I’m terribly honest with myself. The feeling of giving up a goal is an important signal. If I’m just feeling tired from the work of getting to a goal, then I acknowledge that. But if I’m feeling like I have the wrong goal and I am chasing something that isn’t right, that’s worth listening to, too.
Nolan B.
By Meditation( it can be holyMeditation), Visualization (about whose days which you want to live) and Maintaining Journal daily with weekly review/remark.

These 3 things are key to success

Adam G.
I start with thinking of the pros and cons of if I make that choice. Then I think, "who will I become if I continue?, who will I be if I don't" my situation is that I'm bullied for basically everything. I use these goals to help make better habits of myself. These habits make me confident in myself. I'm obese, I'm weird, funny, but I'm also special. reflect on this… Then think I CAN GET THIS DONE!!!!! and I guarantee you will.
Tom F.
To think about the motivation when I started and what I want to achieve. Try to read and find ways to motivate you again and again. Small steps and determination. Never give up!
Wesley F.
Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and push you to be better is key. Surround yourself with people you know can teach you something. You may always have doubt, but taking charge and preparing yourself for success will ease your mind and let you focus on your actual goal.
Ella O.
It’s ok to give yourself a little, skip it if you have to but never forget why you’re setting those goals and get back on it again tomorrow.

We take break to recharge and be better but we never give up!

Andre U.
I think when one gets discouraged it’s always due to external factors that make the goal seem unattainable. So the best way for me is to remember pinpoint the source of my discouragement, work on that by introspection and trials and errors till I figure it out, then ask myself how it all works in the grander scheme of things, and whether all of this is even worth it. This usually helps me remember just how far I’ve gone and that it can help me go even further to something that I know I’m meant to do. A lot of prayer helps and just positivity and love for myself.
Dilza E.
I do let myself take a break from that goal, but I use the same time to think about why I set the goal in the first place. Is this goal still useful for me? Did I set an unreasonable expectation? If I set the bar too high, I reevaluate and make changes.

If the goal is not useful anymore, I make space for a new goal. Maybe I’ve outgrown it and it’s time to move on to the next stage. Or maybe something new came up in my life and a different goal needs to be addressed.

Cl A Y.
Erm, I’m not the best person to ask, but I think it’s thinking about what you’ll achieve.Think: “If I do this, I will feel better, stronger.If I don’t, I won’t.” This will motivate you, at least, it sis for me.
Christa E.
Identifying the benefits, betterment to self and others out of achieving the goal. Foreseeing how self and others will rejoice on accomplishing the goal will help us to strive hard towards goal.
Ruby T.
It is always helpful to think of your longterm goals, to imagine your future self who did not give up and why it was a good decision.
Knowing the benefits the habit is bringing you today is also advantageous (i.e. being more relaxed, proud of yourself, strong-willed or trying to replace bad habit with a good one).
If you are struggling with regularity, making the habit shorter or easier may be a good choice.
Lastly, it is always good to know when to give up on a goal and make some space for new or more important goals.
Antonia Q.
I try not to judge it, sometimes I can overcome it, sometimes not, I try not to give myself a hard time if I am struggling with a goal, and I give myself a clean slate every day, no matter what I achieved the day before 😊
Lucia T.
You have to step back and determine is tat goal really for you. Maybe this is when you should use your coach to help get you on the right track.
Nolan C.
I think the best way to fight against the feeling of giving up one goal when this feeling comes is maybe stop that goal for a little then when you have less goals try to focus more on that goal Instead of all of your goals.
Joey T.
Then its time to get philosophical. Why do I want to give up the goal? Is it because I'm scared, lazy, bored, tired not seeing results or is it because the goal is not a step to my bigger goals? Is the goal no longer relevant because I completed it in a different part of my life or am I being a weak suck puke and just want be comfortable in my old habits? Then its time to practice mental toughest and just force myself to start the goal. Look for inspiration in visualizing what happiness this will bring to your life
Aiden E.
Well it is very important to have in mind, even in writing and near you all the time so you can see it – your long term goal – the reason why you are following through with the smaller goals! The clearer your long term goal is to you, the easier it becomes to stick to routines and goals on the way to achieving it!
Africano Q.
1. Look at my "Vision Board". Remember what set me on this journey and how far I have come, even planning counts.

2. "Be Inspired" on YouTube. "Mind Valley" is another great channel. If they can do it, so can I. What did they do to keep going, and what did they achieve because they kept going?

Elias X.
The best way to keep going is to understand from the beginning that there will be many times when we will fail. We have to forgive ourselves the same way we would forgive a loved one. Then move on.