How do I learn and study something that I find boring but need to in order to get to where I need to go?

Flora F.
To be honest that’s a problem for me too, and I haven’t really come up with a solution for it. But I think one thing you can do is to think of the goal you have and tell yourself that if I read this lesson I will reach my goal cause my goal is so important to me and think about how happy you will be when you reach your goal or when the teacher asks you to answer a question when you know the answer how happy you will be in that moment.
Thank you so much for asking this question, it means a lot to me❤️
Joyce F.
Identify and block your distractors … An try to understand and practice the boring material in a fun and different way. Think it is a Game not work. That seems to help me 👍🏽🌟 good luck!
Jeanette U.
I think you might try and spend first few minutes figuring out steps and putting plan together as to what would be your first step, second. Then start with just 5minutes every day (or a few times a day), 5 mins doesn’t seem long enough or big enough. Prepare your environment to set it up for studying. Pull out book or notebook.
Sandra Q.
Be creative. You know best how to trick yourself into making it fun. For me, I Use objects and memory games to make sth more fun to learn. If you have to remember a lot of stuff, use the map memory method: chose a place where u know all the rooms and places well. In your mind you add objects (or whatever) makes you think about the term in to each of the rooms. I’m sure you can google this method. Its fun and effective. Also use apps like quizzlet to study terms through games. Good luck!
Malthe N.
Have companionship to keep you going. Keep a friend beside you. It could be a pet, maybe a family member, even a stuffed toy. Just to give you some company. Maybe you could try putting it on a schedule. An hour of doing something you like then a hour of work. And at the end of the week, REWARD! For doing your work
Anna Z.
I find that I am more productive and focused when I work on a timer. Only 20 minutes at a time. And when the timer goes off wherever I am I take a break. I have noticed that if I push myself too hard (work for too long) I am less likely to remember it.
Try what works best for you.
I have faith in you. You can accomplish anything when you set your mind to it.