During the time set for Learn and Study, do you suggest using this time to do something new for my personal development OR as a period to get personal work done, during the work day?

Zacarias Z.
I figure, the purpose of learning or studying is to build the habit of being a lifelong learner. As such, taking a future oriented approach to what I choose to learn can be super helpful.

Past that, I guess you have a choice to make: learn something related to things you NEED to know (like studying for the GRE to apply for an MBA or take a drone tutorial because you're a filmmaker) OR learn something simply because you WANT to (like learning to rock climb in order to enjoy your body or learning an instrument simply because you can).

While I definitely invest a lot of time into learning things I NEED to, there really is a lot of freedom and excitement that comes from learning something purely for the sake of learning. So, I always make sure to leave at least 15 minutes a day for that, much more, if I'm lucky 🙂

Hope this helps! Best of luck with the habit building!

Ruben F.
I'd suggest using it as a time to learn anything you want but I wouldn't use it as a time to get work done or school work done because you should have a separate time for that. This time should be set aside for spiritual, mental or emotional growth, imo.
Tirso C.
I like to focus on work that I am otherwise too undisciplined to do. Setting this time aside each day allows me to study my academic work and prepare for upcoming deadlines. Setting this goal was a personal commitment to work on my academic work every day to ensure it gets done