How do you find motivation to do work when you have to do something but it feels like a lazy day?

رنا حاتم N.
I think about why i do that work, if it's not necessary u won't be bothering yourself trying to do it, u can just leave it undone, but because it is ACTUALLY IMPORTANT u r thinking about how to achieve it, so u'll certainly find a convecing answer for "why am i doing this?"
And don't think about how tiring this work may be, just think about how happy u'll be when u achieve it.

Cynthia N.
Change your mindset. Decide you will be motivated today. Try affirmations. I am motivated. I am determined. I am successful. I am driven. Take a cold shower to wake you up. Or coffee. Do some yoga, meditation or breathwork to get your energies flowing. Try to just set small attainable goals so you feel like you at least did something for the day

Bella F.
I always try to drink a glass of water and get some fresh air. Just go outside for a minute or two, even if it is freezing, then only a few seconds is enough to freshen you up!

Vanessa R.
I start by giving me a reward ( like an episode of a series) that i’ll get after finishing working then i start doing something that I don’t really like while listening to something relaxing to keep me going

Juu A.
The first way is think about many things that I should do and bad things if I don't do.If it can't help, reading books or watching drama about people who try hard and succeed.If it can't help, I uninstalled application that makes me lazy.(eg; Facebook

Brianna Z.
I put my favourite music, grab some tasty snacks , light some candles and put a TIMER .You don't have to work for hours on your task, when you are not in the mood, even if it's needed. Try to concentrate even for 20 minutes .Some is better than none. Baby steps !!!( So u don't have to deal with the chaos later)

Ryan C.
Either talk myself into doing it, psyching myself up and forcing myself to sit and focus because it is important. Or I promise myself a reward if I do it, and deny that thing if I don't.

Stephen F.
List all the tasks you have to accomplish and start with the easiest task, finishing that will give you a sense of accomplishment which will give you the fuel to tackle the big ones

Ktec13 W.
I like to plan my days and prioritise my main to-dos the day/night before, and it may just be me, but if I have a clear, tidy, and welcoming workspace I tend to be more motivated to do work.

Elise P.
I start with something that I like to do to feel more energized and then find motivation to do my work. And give myself a reward after finishing it

Kora P.
I usually don’t, it is something I find myself constantly needing to work on. I feel lately I am being lazy rather than productive which is not great with my exams coming up but luckily I am presented with nothing but time again home now and opportunities to work so I will work on one small not too readily needed rather enjoyable piece of work then check that off my to do list before doing one big important possibly boring thing right away in the morning when I feel most productive. I will also make sure I eat and exercise well and enough. I will do this everyday for 66 days until a habit has formed and will use self discipline to power through when I don’t feel like it because I have a good reason to get things done that I can look back on.

Tilly R.
I pick something smaller, but on the same topic of something I am working on, and I do that. It helps me feel accomplished so im not in a slump the next day for being lazy

Marit I.
think about how you'll feel after you've done this thing you need to do. You will feel good about your self, maybe proud. You will feel better and this action can maybe break your lazy day and turn it into a productive day even though you did only one thing.