What can I do to not feel so overtired and get rid of my stress, anxiety and nervousness?

Anne S.
That is a huge question, but for the overtired part, chances are you are probably scrolling through your phone later at night than you should. (completly normal though!) If you have an iPhone, I surely do recommend the Screen Time-function, which u set limits at night and basically get forced to stay away from your phone. You can also get a friend or family member to be the «parent» of your Screen Time, so you do not get any cheating 😉 I doesn’t know if this was the answer you were looking for, but your question covered many topics so here is a suggestion to one of them! ❤️
Astrid U.
I think that meditation can help, but also planning your day(when will you get up, when will you go to sleep..). If you plan your day, you can feel better and less tired because you’ll not be so overloaded.
Emma G.
You can think about yourself and your wellbeing only. Other people are never going to understand you, so it depends on you. Just try to get going with your ritual no matter what, even if it's in the evening. Start over. Take time to meditate.
Alwine G.
Take periodic “me” breaks throughout the day. Give yourself a minute or few every hour to stop, breathe, regroup & congratulate yourself for whatever you’ve accomplished so far. You deserve it
Katrine P.
If you can confront your"demons", if not learn to love yourself until you are ready to confront them. The different Fabulous meditations help me a lot.
Claire Y.
Have patience, anxiety brings the tiredness in you, you cannot heal yourself in a day, It takes time, but this shall too pass and it will make you a better and strong person. All you need to do is to never give up, start your day with with setting some goals and complete it till the end. You will have a sense of achievement. But anyday if you could not accomplish your tasks, do not worry, it happens to everyone. One day might be very good and another might be very low but you never give up and have patience and eventually you will reach a place where you will not feel anxious, tired and nervous. You will be a confident, strong and productive person. Believe in yourself.
Abigail N.
Hatha Yoga for restoring the energy and Yin Yoga for stress and anxiety. Start with 7 min. Of yoga in the morning and gradually increase 🥰
Gesa O.
When I feel overtired I take a hard look at my day; journaling is great for this. Write down everything you’ve done that day and ask yourself if it’s all necessary. If it is, change your mindset; think of your “to-do” list as “I get to do because it will ___” fill in the blank with how it will enrich your life. And don’t forget to breathe.
Heinz Wilhelm W.
I think you can try to have small breaks in between your work. Practise mindfulness and try to know the root cause of your anxiety, stress and nervousness. You can be mindful by keeping a journal where you log your feelings on a daily basis so as to be self-aware and once you’re self-aware you empower yourself to work on anything that bothers you! 🙂
Faustine A.
You could start eating better, vitamin deficiency etc. causes tiredness. For stress, you could simply do things that you find relaxing. Maybe listening to rain/cafe/forest etc. sounds, doing yoga, meditating, listening to music, watching fun videos, dancing, exercising, going out for a walk, reading… Whatever you find uplifting & relaxing, it's all up to your personality and interests. I recommend "Breather" in "Meditation" section, it really helped me here and there. It takes just 5 minutes so give it a try, maybe it'll help you too!
Anna Luise Z.
I find when I come home and I’m tired, just getting moving helps. Otherwise i try to be more mindful of what I eat since eating too much, the wrong things or too little has effect.

With stress, I’m learning to control my thoughts. The mental image of clouds floating by a mountain top helps. I choose which thoughts I follow and which ones I let go.

Isabella Z.
Do something like a little bit of your routine and get out of bed and do the belly breathing exercise ( deep breathing) you can do this laying down in your bed, sitting in the chair or standing up. Do this as long as you want to. You can do this eyes open or closed. Just focus on your breath going in and out and breathe normally.
Bernadette X.
Meditation is the best way to overcome anxiety, nervousness, and helps to ease the stress. A 10 minutes session can refresh your mood. Also try going to gardens, parks for relaxation.
Silene I.
I’ve found that prioritizing what is important to me in life and meditating has greatly reduced my anxiety. Taking the time to sit with myself and prepare for the day allows me the grace to face transitions and stressors more effectively. Good luck!
Ulrico E.
I always try to get up early in the morning, but I can't. Is there any effective way to get up early and start the day early.