How can I be more motivated to study?

Mathieu Arnaud
I would recommend you to make a list of your goals or just simply your main goal written in front of you where you can see in your room, so it will help you to be motivated in order to study.

Sarah Wells
By increases our confidence..use pattern-read,recite and revise…Do meditation for boosting concentration…thank you best luck

Catalina Oliveira
• Learn everything to teach others.
• Understand the whole stuff then cut into pieces and start to learn.
• Repeat till you can do it fluently.
• Perform to somebody

Yvette Kienle
I get motivated by surrounding myself with things that inspire me and give me energy. I make sure my learning space is inviting but not distracting. If my house is too distracting I like going out to a coffee shop to focus.

Jesus Da mota
I’m currently a graduate student and am set to graduate very soon. At one point in my life, I viewed school as a constant in my life: something I could count on no matter what. Eventually, I started viewing it as a way to get out of my situation. With good grades I could get a scholarship to go to any school.

In the end though, I have learned to study to learn and not just to get a good grade. I wasn’t always a good student because my perfectionist tendencies would get in my way and keep me from focusing the way I needed. Learning a topic that is not interesting at first may offer something useful in the end. Sometimes it’s more about learning the thought process than the actual information. I hope that helps!

Filippa Mortensen
Get interested in what you’re studying. If it’s all boring to you, find an angle that learning it has potential to make your life better. If you still come up with nothing, get curious about it. What are the reasons this is so important to know and so many people have found it interesting and useful enough to find it sitting in front of you with criteria you must learn? Try to figure out that aspect. Curiosity may lead you to a new appreciation and respect for it.