How can I be more motivated to study?

Jesus Q.
I’m currently a graduate student and am set to graduate very soon. At one point in my life, I viewed school as a constant in my life: something I could count on no matter what. Eventually, I started viewing it as a way to get out of my situation. With good grades I could get a scholarship to go to any school.

In the end though, I have learned to study to learn and not just to get a good grade. I wasn’t always a good student because my perfectionist tendencies would get in my way and keep me from focusing the way I needed. Learning a topic that is not interesting at first may offer something useful in the end. Sometimes it’s more about learning the thought process than the actual information. I hope that helps!

Yvette X.
I get motivated by surrounding myself with things that inspire me and give me energy. I make sure my learning space is inviting but not distracting. If my house is too distracting I like going out to a coffee shop to focus.
Maddison C.
You should find the reason why you have to study and why you don't want it. Study just 10 minutes. Just start do it and you find out that it is more easy than you thought
Arthur Q.
I like watching youtubers like Ruby Granger that study the same subject as I at the same level. I also remind myself of why I am studying it. If I need to pass a useless stupid subject I just focus on passing the test instead of getting a high grade. I also try to study as much as possible at libraries and university or a botanical garden. When I complete a term well I reward myself with something. I also do pomodoro, so every 25 minutes I have a 5 minutes water break and I force myself to get up and stretch my legs. I try to refer to raven claws as much as possible, I use a bullet journaling method. I break things down and I listen to either lofi hiphop or classical music or some white noice. I make sure that the rest of my day has been wonderful and then I just go for it.
Catalina B.
• Learn everything to teach others.
• Understand the whole stuff then cut into pieces and start to learn.
• Repeat till you can do it fluently.
• Perform to somebody
Filippa Z.
Get interested in what you’re studying. If it’s all boring to you, find an angle that learning it has potential to make your life better. If you still come up with nothing, get curious about it. What are the reasons this is so important to know and so many people have found it interesting and useful enough to find it sitting in front of you with criteria you must learn? Try to figure out that aspect. Curiosity may lead you to a new appreciation and respect for it.
Tracy F.
Try to think of the outcome and how much better you’ll feel when it’s all over with and you have nothing to worry about. You also don’t want work to catch up to you and then you have to do it all at once. Instead take it slow and go little by little with breaks in between.
Judy U.
You must set a schedule, and stick to it. Set a time when you know that, there will be no distractions. Know that it requires sacrifice to accomplish your goals in life. Absolutely nothing, comes easy.
Naomi E.
Why do you want to study? To get better grades? To get into a better school? What is stopping you? What are you doing instead of studying? Does that make you happy? Do you feel better afterwards? Are you happier after that, knowing that you should have been learning? I mean, you need to have breaks too, but if you simply watch youtube, or do something less productive, and waste your time, then just try to think about which would make you happier: “wasting your time” or getting better in school.
Tristan Y.
Having well organized notes and inviting a friend or two to help you makes studying more efficient, less “chore-like”, and fun! Note that only invite friends that you know will still get the task done!
Irmino C.
Look, studying with focus has never been easier, whenever we sit for stu are not able to focus, we want to use phone more and more,so if you want to be focused then better , do 5 minutes meditation before studying, and just set a goal, that I've to achieve this and that by studying, tell yourself that all I've to do is just study and this is the right time, as you know that time never waits for anyone, so if this time will go, then it will be gone and it will never come back, so use it wisely, and study properly, not to prove others wrong or to beat others, but just to win and to get smart and intelligent,
Have a good life, take care
Nicoline P.
Promise yourself a massage or Zen Day afterwards, depending on how much Study is involved. Give your self smaller rewards at shorter intervals. Or watch a video or listen to a related podcast to get you going.
Mathieu N.
I would recommend you to make a list of your goals or just simply your main goal written in front of you where you can see in your room, so it will help you to be motivated in order to study.
Sarah J.
By increases our confidence..use pattern-read,recite and revise…Do meditation for boosting concentration…thank u best luck