How do you train to get better at the skill of learning? Any tips/techniques that work for you?

Jeffrey W.
When I learn trust me I’d rather do anything at that moment then learn! But I always have room for new knowledge daily! Sometimes I give myself a reminder and my brain gets in the habit of being respectful when learning.
Tips and tricks!!!!
1. Get curious!
– ask questions
-have debates
– don’t be scared to prove a point in learning
2. Don’t be scared to make mistakes
-when learning we are usually scared with making mistakes but we simply can’t, as mistakes help us improve
3.have a growth mindset
-there’s always room for knowledge
-even if you don’t succeed try your best
Tammy Z.
It is very important for me to try to find something interesting along with the complex stuff. I'd read serious texts and lighter, more popular stuff on the side. Then I can better understand the hard concepts, and even critique the pop-sci stuff a bit, which is incredibly delightful 😀