How do you best schedule your studying/classwork and avoid burning out and getting distracted?

Riu S.
I try to sit at my dear instead of in my bed during the day. I've found that being in an upright position keeps me motivated, which in turn keeps me from burning out.

Alexis F.
I try to study for 1 hour straight and take 10 min breaks, keep my phone on airplane mode and as far as possible. You could also try studying with a friend, I’ve learned that helps me keep me focused and stop procrastinating.
Hope this helps!

Derci Q.
So I do a method where I study for 25 minutes then have a 5 minute break. Once all that is done 4 times, I take a break for 30 minutes

Carmen Y.
I try to block my time. I listen to YouTubers and research how to study and not burnout. I still haven't figured it out, but writing everything down sure does help!

Gaia T.
First thing you have to unplug from all devices, because socials are one of the main cause of distraction. Once you’ve shut your phone and electric devices and put them outside your room, Create a list of the things you want to study. Every time you finish studying something, take it off the list, you can’t imagine how much satisfaction you’ll get by seeing all that stuff you had to study slowly getting less.. well that’s it!! You can do it! Think that you’re studying to achieve something, to get the job you want and build the person you wanna become

Selena O.
I make sure to take breaks and try my best to have a semi enjoyable time while studying or working. It’s as small as a tasty drink by ur side or some great music.

Penny Z.
Personaly i participate in a large amount of academic studying daily from school and extra curricular which then in addition i recieve homework. My biggest advice is to plan your day everyday so that you are able to fulfill your requirements but allow yourself to take breaks and social time to not burn out working. If you can do this correctly and work efficiently to the time you provided yourself you can accomplish a large amount of work

Alannah Y.
I get home get a snack and a glass of water and sometimes tea and the night go to myself desk and start straightaway so i don’t get distracted or forget

Kate Q.
I break down the content by topic and relatability; if content logically makes sense together, I put them together to study to give myself shortcuts. I set up a schedule for myself to accomplish what by which date, and I do it. I give myself breaks every half hour or so, and I engage by talking to myself or doing study questions with Patty where we can bounce ideas off each other.

Jonathan Y.
I use Pomodoro technique, in which you focus completely on a work for 40 minutes, then have a 5 minutes pause and continue the work for 40 minutes again!

Ester Z.
Sincerely, i don’t use this method to study. Usually I start by making a list of what I have to do in the study session and then, go on doing it. To be honest I know that it’s not the best way, infact, I think I’m going to start making some better plans. First of all I want to write down the list I only keep in my mind and then I will try to make a weekly/ daily table to keep track of what I’ve already done and what’s to do. Hope you enjoy the answer❤️

Poppy U.
I plan my week and everything that I’ll be doing during that week on the Sunday morning as I have a good idea of what I’ll be doing that week and when I’ll have time to study etc. I find going to bed earlier also helps me to be more productive as I get up earlier in the morning and exercise just after I wake up. You can also use study techniques like the pomodoro technique to schedule study time and when you have breaks don’t sit down and use social media or watch tv… do something productive like read a book, get a snack or go for a walk. Hope this helps 🙂

Konstantijn I.
I like to get nice and comfortable at my desk, get a water bottle and a snack such as some nuts or fruit, turn on some calm music, and begin! Make sure you turn your device on silent so you don’t get social media notifications or whatever else, and try to tell anyone you think might distract you to leave you alone for the next hour or so. If you start to get tired, take a 1-5 minute break doing whatever you like, social media, stretching, video games, just make sure you don’t pass 5 minutes!