How do you balance studying and working out?

Roberto Q.
I’m currently doing contract work for a company on the east coast. I’ll get up early (6-7 am) and do a few hours of work (1-4 depending on what they need from me) then workout – I have a standing booking at my favorite yoga studio for 10am – and then I come back, shower/eat lunch, do another few hours of work – then do 2-3 hours of studying. I am prepping to apply for a science PhD program, so in order to qualify (I have a BA) I’m taking all the pre-reqs on Coursera. That platform breaks the learning up into very achievable lesson chunks. If you don’t need the credit – you can audit the classes for free! Success comes from sticking to my schedule, having reminders/timers, and having an accountability partner in my sister – we do 1-3 hours of work together daily to hold each other to our stated goals.
Lindoro Q.
This can be quite difficult. Normally I will study in the afternoon, and take a short break to go for a run or do some yoga. However, if you have projects or tests in the near future, I would skip the workout for extra time to study.
Maur Cia Z.
I'm trying to wake up earlier to fit the workout in. It really helps get the body going. I haven't done it yet. For now it's the first thing I do when I get it, again it helps get things going 🙂