How many days per week do you study? How much would you say is enough?

Rosa W.
I steal about 20 minutes to study. If I feel good and want to keep going I do. If I’m not feeling like it, I commit to the 20 mins and then I can stop.

Kata Z.
If possible, I mostly recommend two or three times a week but don't study every single day because your brain don't focus for long

Kristina Z.
I study everyday at the library off campus and with my tutor. You can study for 15-20 minutes or more if it is for the finals

Ursulina Q.
Well,I study daily in enjoyful way like after studying 1 hr , I use to listen some songs, watch some biography,etc.It doesn't let me feel tired.

Baltasar C.
I study everyday but not long. I only study about 10 minutes a day. For the rest of the time on the “Learn and Study” habit I do homework.

Amber U.
Hmm… I study around an hour or more every day. I have lots of assignments on at the moment, so my study time has increased.
How much would I say is enough? Well, it really depends on how much homework you have, and if you have any tests coming up. If you have a major test coming up, I recommend revising and practising for it bit by bit, everyday. One thing you should not do is leave it all to the last minute.

Hope this answer helps.

Logan E.
Maybe it depends on what you're studying. For me, I'm studying a foreign language so I need to study every day. Even if it's just 15 minutes a day I need to do it daily. My ideal is 45 – 60 minutes daily.

Floyd T.
I’m studying daily between work and school. It’s not always productive- sometimes I’ll get on social media or I’ll find something else interesting and focus on that instead of my project or work

Urte X.
I study nearly every day, although not always the long gruesome day long studying. Sometimes things like having discussions about what I am learning is also very helpful in studying.

Samantha P.
I try and learn something new every day. I love yo read so I frequently read on topics that interest me. I also make a point of sharing interesting information with my friends.

Scarlett S.
There aren't enough days in the week to study properly. I'm still studying even though I don't have to.
If I had my life over again, I would study even more and not waste my time with booze and girls.
Study hard people. Don't waste this very short life.
You only get one shot, and then you're dead a long time.

Clara X.
That depends. How much time have you got, what is it you are trying to achieve? If you are say learning a language there will be a time frame allocation fif each level. Can you fit that commitment into your time? Is it the case that you are cramming that subject study in for a work-related exam, can you do over your hours to get it done as your promotion depends on it. It is sustainable in the short term? All these questions need to be considered so you have an idea of if you are on track or not. Even though sometimes, actually having an afternoon with a friend in need or picking up a relative from the hospital is more important, a plan gives you the opportunity to see where you can make compromises. Let your self dictate how the plan ends up happening, and remember its a tool to help.

Aramis P.
I often study for whole of the week (sometimes I skip weekends). Since I am doing a professional course which requires lot of study so I devote my time accordingly. I think the enough time for studies depends on what type of course you are pursuing,if it is more of practical approach then it requires lesser time.But In my personal opinion everyone should study on a daily basis so that the course does not get accumulated.
Studying is an exercise which keeps your mind working and indulge you to practice something new everyday.
Thanks for your time and good luck for your studies!!

L Andro S.
I study 7 days per week. I would say 5 days is enough because you need time for yourself and your brain to take a break too.

Lina F.
I study at least 5 days . Studying will not end so there's no enough . For example, if you sleep 9 hours per day so you have to study at least 10 hours a day and it's not enough. You It's enough when you reach your goal and if you didn't put yourself under a pressure that you can handle it for at least 3 hours straight . Just 3 hours a day under pressure and the rest of the day study normally but focused . And will reach your goal -i hope so .

Adolf B.
I study 2x a week and when I go to college 2x a week. Probably 2x a week or more is good. You don’t want to overdo it because then you will have a hard time remembering the stuff that you learned.

Beverley J.
I haven't really set time requirements for studying. I study until I know the material. Depending on the subject, my interest, and the volume of information the time varies.

Daisy U.
I am a PhD student and a teacher so I usually try to commit at least one to three hours a day but it depends on the other commitments and the deadlines.

Estelle T.
I study 2x a week at the library with my tutor and I go to college 2x a week and I think that you can study 2x a week or more if you want. But do not go overboard with the studying because then you are over doing it and you will become very stressed 😥 out and that isn’t good at all.

Frederikke N.
I study at least 4 days a week. But I study only for an hour (read a book about ux design) and I read alot of articles about the field Im working in. I study quite alot but its because Im really passionate about this.