How can i stop random moments of self doubt/ random moments of feeling insecure?

M N.
I personally think you can’t stop having self doubt and insecure thoughts. I think you just have to realize that those thoughts aren’t true. I feel so insecure when I’m out of my house. I think it’s because we feel everyone has highlighted our flaws, but they really haven’t. If you are having trouble with insecure thoughts immediately push them away and start to learn to find comfort in your body. Love your insecurities! If you have scars/ stretch marks it shows your story. If you have too much skin, then that’s more skin to love! Turn a negative into a positive. It really helps to find a home and comfort in your body. Think of your body as your best friend. Except your body will ALWAYS be with you. That’s a good thing. Would you call your friend fat, or too skinny? Probably not. I want to say sorry to your body for ever thinking it wasn’t good enough. Now, I want you to realize that it’s YOUR BODY! No one has the right to say anything about it. You can control you body and how it effects you. I hope this helped! You are so strong and beautiful!
Ted E.
A breathing exercise might help, as well as third chakra work – insecurities come from lack of approval and thus it it important to have justification for thyself from within. Google how to balance third chakra and challenge yourself to these practices and you will have an overall better situation is about just few weeks! Remember, it didn’t take you one day to become doubtful, so take your time to channel this in a way that wouldn’t hide the insecurities away from you, but resolve them.
Unsung U.
I understand what you’re going though. I also sometimes feel insecure with myself, feel that I’m a fraud. To help myself feel better, I usually try to remember all the things I accomplished or completed. Also remember, no one judges you harder than yourself.
Jennifer E.
You cannot do this until you face the problem directly head on however it is much like fire. You must walk into the fire without being burned. Slowly very slowly take your own time come closer and closer to the flame. At your own time walk into the middle of the flame when you can withstand and not be burned by it .you meditate upon this before bed.

While inhaling say iam not the body
While exhaling say I am not the mind
Do this before bed until you fall asleep

Ine Marit F.
Notice the feeling and pinpoint what Thought that feeling was a reacion to. Even if you think it was something in the enviroment, its usually not – the feeling stem from a Thought from within – and out thoughts can be somewhat managed, if you Learn to observe and notice them. I recommend meditation!
Sayda I.
Prepare your mind and have willpower, when those thoughts of doubts reach your mind you must fight them immediately to make them disappear, and always remember that you can do that and much more.
Madiha Z.
I would be grateful for the inner voice asking for clarification. “Am I doing this right?” “Am I good enough?”
Then look how far you’ve come! You are better than you were yesterday and you will be even better tomorrow. Believe you have the power to change anything you don’t like about yourself or your circumstances & you will take this one step at a time 🙂
Jen F.
There is no easy answer, our thoughts are like pathways in our minds. Everytime we give in to self-doubt, we strengthen the path. Every time we decide that the story we are telling ourselves is untrue and we instead believe in ourselves it creates a new pathway and habit of thinking more positively. This can be honed using self-love meditations and compassionate-abiding practices. That means when we see we are not being compassionate and generous to ourselves we can choose to stop and think about a moment that we were successful in. Take a moment to feel into that successful sensation. Tap into the gratitude we have for our own ability. Be who you want to be because that's who you really are. We are on our own team!
Michele F.
I’ve found that the way I stop those moments of self-doubt from coming is to confront them each time with truth (even truth that I’m not sure is quite true about me at the moment). This practice “answers” the self-doubt with a conflicting truth and the repetition helps to reinforce the actual situation and those thoughts occur less and less. It’s like exercising a weak “positive self-talk” muscle. It must become stronger through repetition and the way the brain works is that it ends up taking over the negative self-talk one! Amazing!
Oumaima N.
You have to be aware of the fact that those are just negative thoughts. Those thoughts are not your reality. Know that you are so much more worth and that you are so beautiful and unique! Love yourself, talk positive about yourself and believe that you can be bigger than those negative thoughts. Don't let that define who you are. You have to define yourself by your own voice and actions. If you have more questions for me you can always ask me. Thank you!
Lolo N.
For me I keep telling myself to stop and everything is fine and will be fine, I’m okay and strong, I’ve got over a lot and I will keep doing the same for this and everything else, you know the best cure for this is talking to my self actually 😀
Katrina Q.
There is no way you will never have a moment of self doubt, know that’s it’s ok to have Them ( it’s like our brain playing devils advocate with us). However it’s important to see them as only MOMENTS of doubt and to trust in yourself (when you have a moment try saying in your head 11 times, “I trust myself/actions/will” that’s the ticket. The more you trust yourself, the less insecure you will feel and less moments of doubt you will have.
Josselyne Y.
I think our best adviser is our own soul, that inner voice that tell us what to do in unexpected moments. When I'm in doubt or I feel insecure I analize the situation and I ask myself – Why am I feeling like this? What's the cause of this? -. Then I talked to myself, I make myself feel better whatever the case is and that's it! We can ask others, ask for their advise, but deep inside we have the answer of every question we may have in our lives.
Stefanie X.
My therapist told me when I have this moments to pretend I’m telling whatever I’m thinking (your not smart enough, good enough yada yada) to a young child. It’s really helped me stop telling myself negative things. That and to once a day look in a mirror and say two good things about myself.
Ka S Q.
Tune into how I am feeling physically and to breathe and use that energy for motivation. Remember how much Marcus loves me and how unique our life is, he will support us through anything. He deserves to be happy too. Our family and friends are happy for us! Live life! Be optimistic and look for opportunities
Sebastian P.
Personally, when I have moments like that where I'm riddled with self-doubt and insecurity I try reminding myself of my personal virtues and accomplishments. I also remind myself about things I've been complimented about before. If that does not suffice I try distracting those negative and irrational thoughts with something that makes me happy. Whether it's through a video that is wholesome, educational, and even comedic. Something that in turn I will get something out of. Whether it's educational and informative or even wholesome, I know that will bring a smile to my face. When my mind is more relaxed I try going back to reminding myself why I know I shouldn't be insecure. Simply being a good person to others is a good reason to know you should not feel insecure about yourself. Your character will always reflect more about you than your appearance. And even then, after all of that, I bet you're beautiful. Inside and out.
Jito N.
It’s common though you’re new in your way and you don’t have enough experience to be sure that you can do it.
So if you feel like that don’t worry 😉 just creat more memories to make you more confident 😊😁
Good luck 👍🏻🍀
Lewis S.
First of all, know that everyone feels this from time-to-time. It’s highly affiliated with the imposter syndrome where one feels unsure of their abilities. When this happens, remember that you have more potential than you think. Tell yourself that you are worthy and remind yourself of all your positive attributes. It’s also good to remember that you’re only human 🙂 and no matter what happens, you can fail, analyze, adjust and try it again. TLDR(Too long didn’t read): Always believe in yourself.
Russell N.
Unfortunately we cannot stop or prevent negative thoughts; nor is it helpful to try to. When we encounter self-doubt or feelings of insecurity, it is best to recognise that we are having these thoughts, but crucially we must not latch on to them and take us into a downward spiral. Remember that you are in control, and can choose to latch onto a negative thought, or you can counteract it with a positive thought. Thinking positively is certainly not easy, and requires conscious and active effort every day. Practising thinking ahout what you are grateful for in your life can be a really effective way to boost positive thoughts and foster a positive mindset. So that when you are confronted with negative thoughts, you are prepared to face them, and know that you can just let them pass, like cars on a road: you choose whether they control you or you control them. You are sitting at the side of the road, and your job is only to let them pass, without getting into any of the cars and letting them take you with them. You are in control!
David X.
I always find something to do and then do it. If I can’t find something related to my goal I start arranging and cleaning my workplace and home.

If I totally clean everything I go outside, walk around and consciously look and observe things.

That is how I get back on track and away from self doubt.

Sometimes I try to notice who I spoke to just before and see if anyone comes up as a pattern. And if so, prepare myself next I am around because I know they want me to feel doubt.

Ida Y.
I usually try to remember good things about me. It’s okay I didn’t win the competition, but I’m still smart and I study excellent. It’s okay I don’t have a 60cm waist, I still look quite slim. If this doesn’t work, I just make myself not think about it. Maybe read a book or a comic, chat with my friends, draw for a little while, practice Swedish.
Vicky E.
I can journal my thoughts and put my doubts and insecurities on the left page, then on the right page I can put what I can do about these feelings and write at least one thing I am good at or doing well