What’s is single most effective thing you do to keep motivated?

Maria A.
So, my motivation is to prove to myself that I can do it. Too many times I gave up, and the feelings when I complete some tasks either small and not so important or a long term and valuable , I proud of myself so much and these feelings give me more energy to keep going . I like to feel that I’m better that else . That I can be the ideal, that I can be the one who could have achieved all dreams and goals and now so many people want to be like me. And I want to help people and motivate them to improving , never give up
Baptista C.
The thing that keeps me motivated is my past and the things I want in my future. Family, and important people in your life can be motivation.
Timothee Q.
Seeing progress. Thinking about the future and how I have the power to affect what it looks like to some degree. The love I have for myself, my brain, my family and friends. The need to fulfill a big purpose.
Victoire S.
I think the point is to put a detailed goal, where you can visualize why are you doing it, the path you will have to make to achieve and what exactly are you trying to achieve. For me it’s important to have this points clearly in my mind. And also I think starting slow is a good thing!
Brent J.
Thinking about my life if i accomplished all my goals .
Believing that I can control my mind and whole body so when I'm a bit tired I can fool myself to believe it's nothing and It works
Hugh U.
Make everything easier for yourself. For example, it's easier to be motivated to workout in the morning if you prepare the night before. Get your gym clothes out and set them in a place you'll see right when you wake up. If you have to dig through a bunch of drawers to get to your gym clothes in order to workout (which is something many people already do not want to do) then you will be less likely to do it.