How can I binge watch Netflix and still get my studies done? I want to do both but if I have to choose I’d say binge watching Netflix is a higher priority and I won’t give it up. I won’t!

Malone Z.
What I would do is do 45 minutes of work and then you could reward yourself with 15 minutes of watching Netflix that way you get your work done but also get to do what you want. I really hope this is helpful

Billy Z.
It’s really hard to multi-task, especially when you’re into what you’re watching. I don’t think you have to give up Netflix at all! Maybe try ways to shift your focus like changing gears on a car. Maybe set a timer 20 minutes of study then 30 minutes of Netflix, and adjust it to what works best for both your personal attention flow and your study needs.

Jonas C.
you don’t have to give up netflix completely, just moderate it. get your studies done first. finish your studies then as a reward binge watch netflix. or maybe after finishing your most difficult subject, take a break and watch one episode. maybe after you finish two easy subjects you watch an episode. in the long run, choosing netflix over work is only going to hurt you. so, you can choose binging netlix and neglecting your work now, and be in a deep hole later, OR you can balance the two, and get a good work-life balance.

Natalie U.
It’s totally fine! Just think of Netflix as a reward for your studies! And don’t open it before you achieve something (I know what it is 😅). Study first, Netflix second.

Jon G.
Haha! This is truly one more of the questions I got that is really relatable. But I would say keep Netflix for an hour or an hour and a half. You need your studies done. To of course be successful. But if you like it, keep watching umbrella academy. I need to catch up! XD

Anton C.
Whatever activity you spend a lot of time and energy on, your skill with it will improve. Your time and energy are limited, so the choice is yours: do you want to graduate and be qualified for a job that you like or do you prefer being an expert in Netflix series?

Clarence U.
If Netflix is more important than your studies, then you deserve to fail in life.
Think. Netflix will still be there after you finish studies and exams.
At least then you know that you can get a good career and then binge on Netflix to your hearts content.
When you're not at work that is.😉

Benjamin N.
I like to consider what is going to benefit me most in the long run. Binge watching Netflix is the same as binging anything else, and the question is, why am I compulsively doing something that isn’t really moving me forward toward my goals? Netflix is a slippery slope because it can serve as a way to relax and shut the mind off for a while. But if we allow it to become a distraction/coping mechanism for not wanting to face the tasks at hand that might be challenging but will ultimately lead us forward in our dreams an aspirations, then it becomes a vice and keeps us from growing. The choice is between quick satisfaction or long-term achievement and self worth. Do your studies first so that you feel the accomplishment, which will build your self worth and determination, and then if you still feel like watching some Netflix, try to set a limit for yourself and stick to it. That will also build your self worth because you’re setting goals and achieving them in the short and long run.

Nilde E.
Think priorities. What can make you happy later on in life? What can you achieve by watching Netflix all the time? Graduating is more important, you need to find a job where you enjoy working. Save Netflix for your free time in Summer and enjoy it guilt free. Use Netflix as a reward to something you have achieved and say okay today I afford to watch two episodes.

Louna T.
You must get up an hour earlier than you normally would. That extra hour MUST be spent studying! Only after then, you can binge watch Netflix. You have to earn it. Studying should be your FIRST life priority. Netflix is just your top entertainment priority. And that is ok! Another reason to study first is because studying is not something too enjoyable. The least enjoyable task must be done first so that you have enough time to do it. Good luck! 🍀

Janet O.
Start by doing things in between shows then limit your time. Less and less just remember small steps big celebrations. The smaller steps start to become larger and all of the sudden you don’t really need Netflix you just watch it once in a while.

Ambre S.
Man I don’t have Netflix, but I will try my best to imagine that I have Netflix. If it is a priority to binge watch and not just watch in small doses like one episode a day while you eat, then I would designate like 1/7 or 2/7 days of the week to literally spend all day binge watching. For the rest of the time, focus on your studies and don’t get sucked into the Netflix black hole on a non-designated Netflix day!

Sedat O.
If u want choose both then do it but how bout u set a time limit for each thing especially Netflix and studying cause if u study to much that’s not good for u either

Livia W.
One thing I can suggest is study and then watch Netflix as a reward for your studies and/or study during the week and then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can watch Netflix. Either way stay Fabulous 😊

Herman Z.
I love Netflix and on certain days binging is fun. I don’t watch Netflix daily so it isn’t difficult for me to not torn the TV on for days other than maybe the morning weather
Sorry I wasn’t much help

Isabella C.
Then enjoy your life; you’re doing exactly what you want to do! I would add that you accept your future outcome with the choices you make today.

Enora O.
Set a certain time to do your studies up until. Usually do it early morning or after school. Don't do too much at first and slowly build it up. Then binge watch after you've done a certain amount of studying. Just don't study too much, that can wreck your health.