Hoe do I get motivated?

S N.
well depends on for what. personally cleaning motivation i watch ppl clean on tiktok or youtube then turn on some music and it helps me feel motivated. if we’re talking work or school wise i have no clue i’m still trying to figure that one out lol
Camille E.
You stop for a couple of minutes, close your eyes, or keep them open if that's more enjoyable for you, take some intentional, deep, slow, breaths, and think about why you started this in the first place. What is your why?
Liz T.
I get motivated because I want better for my health mental health my kids also keep me motivated to be strong for them. I want to not only feel good but look good.
Ashley Z.
You first have a goal for your own and when you tired to do this long aspect task you have remember that goal and you back on strike
Erica Z.
Breathe. Take your time. Listen to appropriate music. If it is energy that you want, pump it up! If it is focus, calm it down, and listen to some peaceful sounds – or my favorite :Pandora, by Hans Zimmer.