How can I overcome my laziness?

Absal O Y.
There is no laziness. What’s going on is a lack os interest or a lack of perspective. Take control of your mind and body and start moving. Stretch anytime you can. Find a whole model that has been active such as either an athlete, or a top model, or a business man, doctor, dentist what ever… that looks clean and healthy and get inspired by their bunch of energy. Keep your laziness for its right time, which I believe is from 10pm to 6am. Out of this period there is no laziness but right thinking and good efforts
Al O A.
Find a whole model that inspires you and try to imagine his/her routine as part of the success in him/her that makes you admire such accomplishments. It’s good to observe younger people and older people so you can compare and make sure where and how you want to be in a close future and how healthy you want to find yourself when elder
Julie Y.
Laziness is a habit, just like achieving. The best motivation technique I’ve learnt is you have to have a strong enough why to overcome why not…whether that’s a really special goal or for those that need a push…a self proclaimed and fully enforced penalty (your mentor will send your $500 cheque to your ex if you don’t accomplish your realistic goal)
Persistence beats resistance every time.
Herman B.
Stop being distracted by games while you're trying to do something you love doing. Give it a chance to remind you why you do it and allow you replace that quick gratification of playing with drawing and creating things you're invisioning. It is working towards your goal.