What are your study techniques? How do you study good or well enough for a test, exam etc.

Silo A.
1. Know the structure of the course itself.
Read the titles, subtitles and sections, so you know what to expect when you start reading. You can also see how many pages each chapter or section has. This way, you can plan your study sessions better.
2. Take notes. A lot of notes.
It helps you remember technical issues on the subject and they also work as resumes for later.
3. Plan your breaks. Personally, i study for 40 mins and take a 10-min break. It gets you concentrated, because you know the break will come up.
4. Use the app Forest. It restricts the phone usage, so you can stay concentrated.
5. Drink black tea, for energy.
6. When you take a break, try discussing interesting things you learned from studying with other people, even if they don't know anything. It's actually better, because you have to explain to them.
Alla X.
Go twenty minutes at a time. Find a reason that learning this subject is interesting or may be helpful to your future success. I study much better when I have a reason to care. Try multiple fos of learning such as audio, visual, writing, etc.