What books do you recommend?

Eugene U.
I am currently reading a book called the Davinci code and it is really nice. Try reading this or you might want to read some Harry Potter books because they are awesome!
Dianne J.
I would start recommending an insightful book I read lately, Never Eat Alone. In this book the author talks about the importance of cultivating connections – networking- in order to succeed in life. Also he tells us how to create these connections with practical examples of his own life.

A second book would be The Power of Moments, which explores how a momentum is created and how us and our minds react through these experiences.

A third would be Always Look to the bright side of life – a sortobiography. It is actually a biography from the legendary Eric Idle, one of the most Iconic Monty Python’s comedians. – It is simply delightful.

Loretta F.
I read just about everything. I’m currently reading You are a Badass. It’s really good. I’m also reading through a book of poetry and some yoga philosophy books. I’m practicing my Spanish and reading a bunch of popular young adult books in Spanish.