I get distracted very easily, any tips? help plz

M Rcio S.
Try to work, learn in a quiet room with a music without words, or use headset. Using the app to focus is also working for me where I give myself 30 min concentration session. But remember, self control is required 😀

Jos O.
Once you notice your self getting of task use your self-control and put your self back on task and if you once you complete your goal or task reward your self give your self a cup of tea or a small piece of chocolate.

Boanerges T.
I would begin practicing making a conscious effort to incrementally focus attention starting off for 1-5 minutes and as that gets easy, gradually increase the amount of time. While doing the dishes practice focusing just on the dishes, while pouring something practice just focusing on that action. Read a page of a book or something and focus attention on what is being said and ponder what has been said. When talking with someone, focus on what they are actually saying and the way they are speaking. Practice holding an image in the mind for 1-5 minutes at a time and gradually increase the duration as it gets easier to focus attention and keep it from wandering off and getting distracted. It’s all about practicing consistently to train the mind and being master over the mind instead of its servant. Practice makes perfect.

Davide I.
Hi i am layan yes i have some tips for you, first of all You have to do some exercises, as if you are training a dog to stay.