How do you balance time among multiple goals? Say university thesis, job hunting, and learning to code.

Frederikke A.
I wake up early which give me more time than others to complete my goals. Then i write my to do list of day , its very important to write your to do list as it gives you the goals you have to complete . I just stick to it whole day and try to do it as much as i can . It is not necessary that you have to complete your to do list of say monday on monday , you can postpone the least imp work on next day . As somepeople stop making it as they say you can't stick to it, so there is no point of making it .but i will suggest you to do make it , it give u some visions towards your goals . Initially it will be hard for you to stick to it but do not lose hope just try to make it work by prirotizing your must do works and then accordingly manage your time .

Hopes it helps❤

Elaine P.
Divide up each task in small steps plan and allocate time for each task and stick to the plan. Follow and measure and adjust the plan.