How do you remember what you study?

Alvarim T.
I use a combination of the Feynman method and staggered repetition. So start by writing out what you want to understand about a subject, as though you were explaining it to someone else. You grab resources and write it all out as best you can. And you do this until you understand the whole thing and can explain it. Now work out how to explain it simply, break it down as simple as possible and take out the technical terms. Then repeat this process every 2-4 days to help build up the mental model in your head so that you understand it over time
Stephanie U.
I try to understand the whole process, like the reason behind it, the consequences and everything. And when I study, I always pretend that i’m giving a class and try to explain everything that I studied to see if I understood everything
Theodora E.
I don’t just read it, I write it also. So in order to transfer what I’m reading to paper, I have to briefly remember what I read, which helps. I also try to visualize the information I’m consuming, imagining pictures of examples in my head. When I go back to review the info I’ve written, I highly key terms.
Liva F.
I use visualisation and repetition. I visualise what I read and create a story. The story helps me remember as and I also read repeatedly until it sticks
Rachel O.
It depends on what you're learning. If it's practical, you practice. It it's theoretical like an fact or exam material, you use flashcards. (Preferably Anki)