How to study longer and reduce using screens ?

Pamela E.
– Use feature phone in one week, only use smart phone to record or take a photo
– Use Fabulous app
– Study in one space of time in every day (i always study in 20h – 21h30)

Mariam F.
Make use of the screen as ambience setter. For example, play some playlist in Youtube on the phone, by which if the app is closed, the ambience stops. That would reduce the urge to play with the phone during study time. Make use of reward system and small deadlines in order to motivate and pressure self in concentrating on studying. Setting a timer is a good first try.

Insha X.
I try set my phone aside where it is not in view and mute all notifications to prevent distractions. To study longer, I would suggest studying at a time where there is minimal distraction and you do not have to leave your workspace too often, to eat for example. I tend to study after lunch and after dinner so i dont have to get up a lot.

Calvin O.
I realized when I start drink water after waking up from the bed, I feel so energetic and less sleepy than before. And then, I start to do my works by using laptop only when I really-really want to do my work. And it success but still need a lot of improvement. Also, I put my phone behind my laptop so that I forget about the phones. I also open the song by using laptop. So it does not distract my focus.

Julie E.
What you should do is go to your bed get a book and while your reading it imagine it and then ask your self questions like did you enjoy it and would you do it again

Dilakni H.
One way to study longer is to have an ultimate goal. Like your true purpose and why you want to study, not just because of an exam but because of self growth or the fact that you want to give back to the world. Whatever your ultimate goal is, use that goal to motivate yourself to study for a longer period of time. One thing that is really helpful is to keep anything that distracts you out of the room you're studying in or somewhere that you can't easily access it or see it. By doing so you're creating this friction, that will demotivate you to be distracted. Taking breaks in between study sessions is vital to stay focused. Taking naps and going for a walk is can help you stay focused on you're work after the break. I hope this helps you!!! Good luck!!!

Safia O.
It's supper easy it's dependent on your goals and the way you see studying like for me studying is something will show the best of me a smart me so pls don't give up u can do it if you want too

Parnian E.
I've tryed a time block calendar which will allow me check how much time i'm doing productive things in my day. Next year i have the intrance exam so i'm trying to study more. I use google calendar to time block my day( my sleep scadule, study, habits and all)

Quila N.
Take breaks to study longer. The whole blue screen things has actually been debunked. What you look at on your computer is more important a factor in disturbing sleep. Avoid looking at things that get you stirred up like social media/news/forums