How to study longer and reduce using screens ?

Theodore T.
Make studying entertaining with colourful notes and make goals for your screen time , read a book or hang out with your friends or workout
Alicia O.
Study using pommodoro technique. Its not about how long u want to study, it depends upon how much productive and efficient u r during each study session.
More than studying for long, I find it better to study and also revise in small chunks.
Matilde O.
Different methods are possible:
– set short breaks after 45 min of study, putting your phone away
– it can seem strange but you can put your phone in front of you and record yourself (doing a time-lapse) while you’re studying. In that way you can’t use your phone and after you will have a record that allow to remember you how much you have done
Hilal N.
Ekran kullanımını azaltmak için kısıtlı süre konulalibilir. Ve daha fazla çalışmak için planlı olunabilir. Belli bir programın olması derleri yetiştirmeyi ve yeterince çalışma ihtiyacını karşılar. Ekran kullanım süresini azaltmak için başka hobiler edinilebilir. Mesela yürüyüşe çıkmak yada resim çizmek kitap okumak gibi faaliyetler yapılabilir. Bu ekran kullanımını azlltığı gibi el becerilerini ve zihni güçlendirir. Yeni bir beceri kazandırır.
Luis U.
Personally I use some relaxing ambiental sounds in the background and use the "flow" technique whick consists in start studying until your focused enough, then when you feel like having a break, just take it until you feel relaxed enough and repeat the study session.
Nicoline X.
Firstly, start study with your favorite subject, set a timer or allocate a certain period of time everyday for studying this helps by encouraging you to study.
• Spend less time on socials by disciplining yourself.
• Prepare a study schedule for a week or a minimum of 5 days. STICK TO IT.
• Reward yourself after study sessions. It keeps your spirit up.
• Set short-term and Long-term goalsin studies. It helps to get some motivation.
• Try taking an online quiz or questionnaire related to your subject.
• Sleep well
• Eat well, don't eat heavy before studying, because you will easily get distracted by falling asleep.
• Take breaks while studying.
• FOCUS !!!
Garance Z.
Setting small goals and achieving them helps not to get distracted. And also you should have small breaks to recharge your energy
Kelly L.
Put your device on do not disturb and don't go back to it when taking a break study in short intervals with breaks in between rather than one long tiring study
Walburga Z.
sometimes it’s not easy to go without a distraction. definitely not every time but on hard days reward yourself with a 5 minute phone break.
Lauren T.
Try to silence all distractions. Don’t look at your phone or any screen unless you need one for studying. Try putting your phone in a different room so your not distracted by it. You can also set a timer for about 5 minutes. If you think that’s too short you can make that 10 minutes. That can turn into 20 minutes and so on. Just try to go slow then work your way up! I hope this helps 😁👍
Orlando O.
I plan my study time day before. I determine which subjects I will study and which assignments I will do. Before the studying I prepare every materials ready including snacks and coffee or water too. Then I determine the duration of study session for examples 1 hour. I set my alarm for an hour . During that hour I try to do only focus on that assignment. Little breaks are okay too. 🥳 After that hour done, if I need to study more I take 15-20 mins break then start to study again.
Joy P.
Put your favorite music on. Lofi music, classical, or any instrumental music that will motivate you can help you focus longer. Secondly, stay away from your distructions like phone, external noise,. It is also better to set lighting of the room to its brightest. It will encourage you to study and avoid getting drowsy while studying
Izzah N.
First of all, I am not the one that you can ask abt this but I'll try answer it as much as I can ! So for me, I heard that you can download an app for better study as it helps you to grow a plant. Whenever you gave up, your garden is full of wilted plants. Idk if it will work for you but for me, it sure did. Then, I also recommend you to uninstall all social medias that didn't bring benefit to you plus distract you the most. But if you use telegram or WhatsApp for keeping on update with ya teachers, so feel free to use it 🥰🥰🥰🥰 good luck baby i am rooting for ya -iaj-
Kenisha X.
You will always do what you enjoy doing
Make sure that the work you're doing is in a creative way which reflects your personality. Ofc in quarantine none of us actually have any homework that hasn't has to be done on screens but what you can do is, keep your phone in a drawer and set a timer to study. When you're done you can reward yourself with screentime. Hope it helps
Russell U.
Try and use books and check with a parent or guardian if you can’t find what you’re looking for( that’s what i do anyways)
Wallace Y.
Putting the phone far away on don’t disturb mode while studying in a quiet place focusing on small iterations of tasks to finish and no multitasking
Ms P.
Studying is always better without a screen or device. To avoid it, try taking out printouts of the most important or frequently used files. Put your phone away when you are studying. Happy New Year 🎊✨
Julie N.
I can hide them for them to be out of site. I can also give myself breaks or something to reward myself after and not do the reward until I finish.
Nolan C.
In order to have a successful study session use a pomodro technique and reward yourself with a short break . Keep any screen away from your sight to avoid temptation. Don’t use your phone even during breaks instead just breath deep and relax . Make sure to no efficient and avoid any regrets later on
Nina T.
It's really hard to answer because not ecery type of study can be practise on mobile phone ( when i use phone while study it makes feel like you study so short time but in reality it's more than it feels. So study on mobile helps me to study more and longer
Yk N.
Wel there are a few choices İ think like you have apps that wil make sure that you do not get on your phone for a while. But you can also place it in another room or shut it completly off İ think.
Quila N.
Take breaks to study longer. The whole blue screen things has actually been debunked. What you look at on your computer is more important a factor in disturbing sleep. Avoid looking at things that get you stirred up like social media/news/forums
Reginald G.
Removing all the things that may disturb you makes you focus on your goals. Setting yourself in a quiet place helps you concentrate to the things you want to work on. It helps you to be more productive and well focused.
Rea T.
i try website blockers and time management apps, they are really helpful since you can decide how mu h time you want to spend on studying and how much screen time. hope this helped!
Jessica Z.
The thing is, you really have to focus on what you’re doing and why. Along with this, you have to make yourself feel better before you start. Set small goals and use something like the Pomodoro technique where you only study in 25 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks. This allows you to constantly be rewarded and doesn’t make it feel like as much of a strain. After this, if you can handle it, you can increase the work intervals as well as the break intervals like working for 1 hour then taking a break for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. If your unmotivated (which I get…. It happens) maybe try re-arranging your environment and only using that area for study with shirt study intervals. If you take a break, stand up and get away from the desk… although this makes it harder to want to come back, it will separate the area for only work and no play.
Rava E.
You can take breaks after every 20 minutes. Once you complete 10mminutes you have 10 minutes to go until a breck. Like this, you can make your mind study more. At the end, make sure you reward yourself.
Wilkie V.
When it is time to study make sure to put your phone in a completely different room so you can focus on your work. If there is a tv in the room make sure to put the remote somewhere that you can’t reach so you are not tempted.
Zoghbi E.
Just put your phone on silent mode and put it away from you and try to focus on your studies and tell urself I'm going to study for now and after that I will reward myself with my phone
Pamela E.
– Use feature phone in one week, only use smart phone to record or take a photo
– Use Fabulous app
– Study in one space of time in every day (i always study in 20h – 21h30)
Louren O C.
If you want to study longer and reduce using screens then you should probably be keeping your mobile at airplane mode so that you don't get distracted with messages and notifications. I also do the same, you should also try doing this. I hope it will help you study more.!
Gabe Z.
Sometimes I will set a timer for maybe 10 minutes and work until the timer goes off. I try to limit distractions during then, and then allow myself a break when the timer goes off
Lester J.
Well I when Im more motivated and inspired to study I will generally spend longer doing so. Sometimes when Im stuck on my phone I find it almost impossible to move away but watching other people study and do work whether it be the people around me or in “study with me”s I instantly know I am not doing enough towards my education.
Alice T.
I think that to study longer without having any distraction the best thing to do is divide the work in little objectives. By doing this you will feel more satisfied by what you did and less stressed about what you still have to do. This could also help with focusing, because the amount of work is not that much. Another thing to do is taking small breaks between the goals.
Renuka O.
I’m struggling with this as well…studying has been tough. I’ve actually reduced my screen time on the phone’s settings app to help with this.
Willa N.
My best advice is to turn off your phone first and foremost. Delete apps you spend too much time on, and set screen time limits. As for studying, find a workspace you like that is also clean and tidy. Find music without words and listen to that as you work! Making things fun and nice-looking really helps me. Also, if you’re studying for a test, find practice tests online <3
Shree Z.
First, relax. Temporarily disband all your worries. It's your anxiety that makes you hooked on the phone and not concentrate. Put your phone away at a little distance. It's not reachable but it's still with you in your room. Now think about your goals and aspirations in your life, envision yourself being successful. You'll soon get the motivation to study.
Daria M.
Often I study for 30 minutes, but sometimes it can be a little longer. When I need to use an internet I use my tablet, or mobile phone. Usually it made 15 minutes max.
Sebastian N.
When you start studying use "promodoro" and it's a kind of studying help me veryy much:put a timer in 25min then take a break 5min… And after you do 50min you can take 15min for break ✨
Awoongi N.
studying longer and using screens less takes time to learn. I advise that you set a timer for 25 minutes just 25 minutes to do work and put your phone away, and when the timer beeps you can have your phone for 5 minutes, and repeat. Try to add more time for studying after you master feeling okay with not having screens out for 25 minutes. after a while, try designating an hour or two just to finish studying after you get home
Judy W.
I like to "decorate" my notebook pages with colors and really accurate lettering, just to make it look a little bit less hateful!
Sometimes music helps me a lot. About screen time I just trie to don't open social:)
Julissa O.
I’m going through the same exact thing. I put on my headphone and block everyone and thing. I write my list of task and only do one thing at a time.
Leiliane Y.
I would study something easy. Maybe some math problems, an easy language, you can also do homework, i guess it counts like a screen but at least you aren’t distracted.
Gabi U.
Just put on headphones, open Spotify ,put a playlist on , close your screen and boom there you have it you can do homework in peace
Xime T.
A way to study any subject is by reading about it, buy a book or go to the library of your school, get a few books of the subject you want to learn about, make annotations in a notebook. Or make a summary of each chapter or idea that comes into the reading.
Andre E.
Study longer AND reduce screen time by putting your phone in another room – so won’t get distracted. It’s even better if you give your phone to a family member haha! For me – I find listening to quiet jazz music or following a “study with me” video on YouTube encourages me to stay focussed and on task. But you always need a few breaks every so often to not burn out. Another good tip for reducing screen time (that I use during exam time) is to go into settings and turn “colour filters” off : which turns the screen black and white. Weirdly it doesn’t make social media as enjoying as usual- making it easier to switch off and find something more colourful and entertaining in the real world! Hope this helps x
Smrithi F.
What I usually do is create a checklist of everything I need to study. Then prepare everything I need. I play some music (only use this if it will actually help you study). Then I tackle everything on my list, taking a 5min break every 50mins. I also switch between subjects during each segment of 50mins, this helps keep your brain alert and helps you absorb more information.

Currently I use my screen a lot because of online studying. But I keep my device on Blue Light off mode so that the screens don't badly affect my eyes.

Mariam F.
Make use of the screen as ambience setter. For example, play some playlist in Youtube on the phone, by which if the app is closed, the ambience stops. That would reduce the urge to play with the phone during study time. Make use of reward system and small deadlines in order to motivate and pressure self in concentrating on studying. Setting a timer is a good first try.
James Z.
First of all the main reason why can't we study longer is becoz of distraction like TV social media and etc , so I advice to delete them or just use them for little time and if u want to concentrate on studies then just ask yourself why am I meaning this? Is it worth worth it then automatically ur mind will tell u to concentrate . I hope this might help u guys
Dwayne S.
Set an alarm for 30 mins or for however long you want to study and don't check your phone until it goes off. If you can't focus for a long time try setting a timer for 20 mins and study one subject and when that timer goes off take a sip of water or something and give yourself a 5 min break. Then go back to studying. Hope this helps🥰
Adiles P.
Switch off all gadgets and put them in another room or a place where you cannot reach then.
Study in a place with no distractions.
Take short breaks when you feel tired. This helps boost the brain.
In the break, don't go on some gadget. Instead read a book or draw. Do something that rejuvenates and relaxes your brain.
Find a study technique that works for you. Eg- flashcards, pomodoro, etc.
Set a fixed time for studying and study diligently during that time.
Study with your teacher. Study and learn the matter that is taught on the same day. This helps you work with the teacher and by the time examinations come, you will have learnt everything.
Don't procrastinate on homework and assignments. Finish it on the same day you get it. This helps you to get on top of your work and worry less.
Don't do just one subject in one day. Do small portions of different subjects everyday. This will keep your brain from getting fatigued.
Have a proper schedule and routine for everyday.
Make a to do list for the day. Go fromthe hardest thing to the easiest.
Hope this has helped. Study well!!
Liv N.
Set self screen time limits if you have that feature on your device this will remind you to take a break. I recommend Quizlet it helped me enjoy studying more and then i did it as it has loads of different study paths even games
Lora A.
For studying longer you have to have the mindset. The focus. Nothing should distract you, wake early, get dressed (helps me personally feel more productive) grab some light food and drink, have a clean or at least organized work place, sit and start, no point in thinking how much you have to do it, just start somewhere, plan or no plan of conduct . And for reducing screen usage, if it's for things that are not essential to your studying and are a distraction, you should download focus timer apps, like forest, focus cat app or focus plants app, or better yet if you're not into game like focus apps, simple pomodoro apps should do the trick.
Philip B.
Switch phone and other distracting devices off and put them somewhere you can’t see them
When you have a break don’t use it for the devices otherwise you will find yourself there for longer than expected
Pauline E.
Study for 20mins at a time. Take breaks to stretch and move and focus your mind on something completely different for a few mins
Naksha E.
Keep a goal..
Don't just immediately stop using coz ofc we r humans we need time to make a change.. So day by day once ur goal of the day is finished set few min or hours for the social medias… And day by day u just minimise the timings and u will be good to go… Remember don't touch the phones or laptop until ur goal of the day is done
Toni C.
I usually set up 'focus mode' (or screen time settings) on my phone, it blocks selected apps and really helps me get off screens and into my books!
Mary N.
I have been so addicted in mobile phone specially for YouTube and Instagram. My life was changed in the Holy week. But after Easter I started to go to the bad habits which I mentioned above. I saw this wonderful app on Google Play Store. First, I wasn't sure if I would succeed. Then I took 14 days study challenge. It changed my life mentally. Sometimes we will just leave streak but I came back and standing firmly. Anyone can achieve. If you have a wish deeply in your heart and you are sure that you can achieve, then you will. This is from my experience that I am telling. All the best
Kayleigh U.
Set a timer for one hour and put your phone in a completely different room or put it on do not disturb and throw onto your bed.
Joseph S.
I think it is really helpful to use studying techniques like the Pomodoro technique! That means you’ll set a time during that you want to focus and put away your phone or at least use the do not disturb mode. After the time is over you’ll have a short studying break before you deeply focus again. I usually study for 50 minutes and then take 10 minutes of break. You can repeat this as often as you need.
To reduce using screens in general I recommend setting a time a day during that you’re allowed to binge use them. When it’s not the time for using screens, there should be another hobby to keep yourself busy. I like reading, running or bullet journaling.
Insha X.
I try set my phone aside where it is not in view and mute all notifications to prevent distractions. To study longer, I would suggest studying at a time where there is minimal distraction and you do not have to leave your workspace too often, to eat for example. I tend to study after lunch and after dinner so i dont have to get up a lot.
Calvin O.
I realized when I start drink water after waking up from the bed, I feel so energetic and less sleepy than before. And then, I start to do my works by using laptop only when I really-really want to do my work. And it success but still need a lot of improvement. Also, I put my phone behind my laptop so that I forget about the phones. I also open the song by using laptop. So it does not distract my focus.
Jessica P.
I study for longer because i use fabulous and set a habit for study. I study three times in a day morning 2 pm for 30 minutes 4 pm for 45 minutes and 7 pm for an hour
Julie E.
What you should do is go to your bed get a book and while your reading it imagine it and then ask your self questions like did you enjoy it and would you do it again
Nada N.
1- active not disturb mode on your phone while studying
2- of you still can’t leave your phone, you should leave it far from the place of study
3- Start by reducing the time you spend on social media during your day, it’s not a good habit
Maija U.
i have snacks and water with me while studying and make sure to go outside or exersice before a study session. also i just put my phone in another room and write things on paper👍
Nur N.
be confident because when you feel confident, you can feel enjoy with your study. remember your future as well, when you think that, you off course be focus and keep going what u learn. and the last one important is believe your future will get it and your success be with you.
Chloe T.
It can be challenging, I haven't mastered it myself but I recommend playing motivational videos while studying and spend more time outside with friends or just doing activities that you love. I myself go in walks or cycling with a friend in free time. Just do it slowly, don't force it. Good luck my friend.
Annette E.
I using pomodoro effect and it helps me a lot or I just take a phone away, turn off wifi, and learning because I'm good at motivations or decisions like this 🙂
Dilakni H.
One way to study longer is to have an ultimate goal. Like your true purpose and why you want to study, not just because of an exam but because of self growth or the fact that you want to give back to the world. Whatever your ultimate goal is, use that goal to motivate yourself to study for a longer period of time. One thing that is really helpful is to keep anything that distracts you out of the room you're studying in or somewhere that you can't easily access it or see it. By doing so you're creating this friction, that will demotivate you to be distracted. Taking breaks in between study sessions is vital to stay focused. Taking naps and going for a walk is can help you stay focused on you're work after the break. I hope this helps you!!! Good luck!!!
Cristina N.
You have to make an effort in doing so. Try everyday using your phone less and less.. 10 minutes less than yesterday, 15 minutes less than the day before… use some sounds to study and try to think that you’re doing this for your future. Remember to take breaks, also 5 minutes every 30 minutes of study.
Sharvani F.
I schedule a specific time for screen time… that will definitely help you mate! And if yhere is some serious work to do i keep my phone aside or give it to my mom!
Rosinha S.
You have to make a screen chamber to put all your devices sit in a place with no screen and study then think that if you study now then you will get your screen and the more time you do your homework the more time you get to watch your device
Pau N.
I think that is a little bit complicated fue to actual situation, what works for me is to really end in time all activities related to using screens and the left time I spend it doing exercise, meditating or reading a book, I think that reduces a little bit the time we spend in front of screens
Natalie P.
I study by using pomodoro method. It will help me to study for longer hours. For library environment, I join study streams and study with other students all over the world.
Luke Z.
One of the best ways are pauses! Every 30 min of studying your gonna do a Pause. With this way, you feel more Stress released and not like you are sitting there for hours… And with the screens, just try something new, a new book genre, a new way of drawing… Anything which could be bringing happines to you 👍🏻
Stella N.
I have a ruff time studying but taking 45 minutes two times a day goes fast and in the end you’ve spent 90 minutes studying for your exam that’s 1h and 20minutes of work. Stay strong and you got this. I believe in YOU!
Big O.
Planning the study session beforehand, thinking of what topics or assignments I'm gonna work on.
I also find it useful to have my space clean, and decluttered.
If I also plan the rest of my day, it's easier for me to focus on studying instead of "things I have to do" because I already took them into consideration.
Safia O.
It's supper easy it's dependent on your goals and the way you see studying like for me studying is something will show the best of me a smart me so pls don't give up u can do it if you want too
Hanis F.
stop procrastinating & listening to motivational talk may encouraging you to study take a rest too don't study to much fellas <3
Bella N.
Try reading interesting books that appeal to you and also try to have a limit every day for each screen.

For tv I recommend 1-2 hrs a day because movies are usally that long and you would be able to watch the news too if you want.

Try not to get too caught up in anything also set reminders from this app to remind you to get off your phone or do tasks.

If you are 18+ and or in college if you are going online school, do online school but also save at least 2 hrs a day to do things for yourself.

I also recommend getting a pet like a guinea pig, rat, or an insect if you are interested in those types of things.

Pets are a great way to unwind and unplug.

Ever since I got guinea pigs (they seem like a child’s pet but they really aren’t!) I have been so entertained and also they wheek for me to feed them almost every 2 hrs if I’m in my bedroom so I recommend getting a pet that needs quite a bit of attention or that you find extremely interesting.

Try drawing with watercolour or buy some colouring books.

There is always a way, and if this doesn’t work than that’s ok too. You may have your own that you have yet to find…btw…I’m 14 and screens have always been a problem in my life, but using these methods I have used it has helped me get off my phone and spend more time with family.

Crystal Z.
Make a plan. Plan ahead of when you want to study! During these study sessions, put away your phone and concentrate. After, try not to directly run to your phone instead read something or stretch a little! You got this, I'm proud of you!
Swathi F.
To study longer,we should meditate daily which gives us a relaxation. The problems while studying for long time is being sleepy,most of the students don't want it. So I will always take a break in between. For example – 50 min studying and 10 minute break. And you can do this method for a long time. If you want reward yourself after every session. Drink water while studying. To reduce phone time, do something fun like crafts,art,games call your friend etc
And as I said before,after you study for a long period – reward yourself by watching videos in phone
So finally – you can study for a long time and reduce screen time
Princess N.
A good way to reduce screen and study longer is to make a study playlist . Not Only of your favorite songs but of gentle and calming , and encouraging music . Anything that uplifts you and motivates you to not stop ! . I also watch study videos on YouTube of my favorite people and it’s sort of like I’m studying with them .
Lyn Marie E.
Do not value self motivation over self discipline. Be strong and knowing in what you want to achieve in reality instead of escaping into idealised manipulations of media and stories. Escapism is good in moderation but too much can isolate you from the knowledge that you are what makes your own story. And you have the power to make it great.
Joshua U.
Try to turn of your wifi or even your phone or computer. Maybe even deleting some apps for some time may be helpful. Try to study with pauses and reward yourself when finishing a task.
Parnian E.
I've tryed a time block calendar which will allow me check how much time i'm doing productive things in my day. Next year i have the intrance exam so i'm trying to study more. I use google calendar to time block my day( my sleep scadule, study, habits and all)
Annie N.
to study longer, put away phones for your study session and say that you can have a break and play on your phone for 5 minutes after your study session. then you have something to look forward to after you are done studying hard and you get a little reward.
Celine F.
Give yourself a shorter study time, and shorter breaks, then increase the study time as you go on. Eg. 30 minutes study, 5 minute break, 40 minute study, 5 minute break, 50 minute study, 5 minute break, 1 hour study, 10 minute break. The would be 25 minutes of break time out of 3 hours of studying. As well as this, I find that I am more productive when I have a plan of what I’m going to do the entire time, and even what I do during the breaks.