What are some study hacks every student should know?

Martha J.
A study hack that works for me is 45 mins for hard studying and then a 15 minute break. Repeat! This way you don’t burn out but still get things done!

Another hack is to avoid cramming the last day. It’s better to study for 45 mins every day once for a week before the exam than cramming it in one night. Periodic studying is better for memory retention.

Rayan W.
Write down all the questions that you need to memorize their answer on a paper without writing the answers, and then try to answer them. Also revision, revision, REVISION!!

Axelle Y.
My study tip is that please don't stay up at night the best time study is from 6 pm to 9 pm and study for 25 mins with focus and take a 5 min break and then keep repeating the process

Yvete Q.
Students should take notes during class. Moreover, students need to know that it doesn’t stop there. They need to broaden their intrinsic motivation and get to know as much as possible about a subject.

Auta Q.
I have to write things down in order to commit them to memory. Little and often works for me.

Liva Z.
I think everyone should have a list of tasks which they need to complete in a day or a list of steps which they need to complete a task. The list should be written in the last night. Don't spend to much on that, just 10 minutes is enough.

Damien Q.
Create a list of key points for each chapter, to save time.

Enilda F.
Study to be the best in your profession, for your classes are the stepping stone for a bright less institutionalize experience.

Andrea A.
Focus on one subject at time. Set time limits for each subject. Write down your tasks with sonething like Bullet Jounral.

Arthur Q.
Don't force it. Take a break when you don't absorb new knowledge. It's okay to take a break and in the long run you will study much faster. Also, start in time and do homework.

Owen C.
Just-do-it mind is important. Whatever you need to(want to/ must) do, just start studying.

Alcinda Z.
We should make a time table and take breaks after every 1 hour. Its the best way to study.When we are studying we shoul focus on that particular topic and complete in limited time.