Sometimes I just want to laugh, so I ended up watching endless video clips with no nutrition. On better days, I can read, listen to podcasts or even work. But at times like those, I don’t really enjoy anything but immediate entertainment and perhaps laughter . How can I develop a habit so I can get enough rest in my spare time? I seem not to enjoy alone time with myself very much.

Katja X.
I personally struggle with this as well. Sometimes I can recenter myself through simply exercise like a walk or a few push ups. Othertimes I can't. When I get in to a spiral I try to force myself to concentrate on something productive or if I am emotionally drained sometimes I will take a short nap. Try to refocuse yourself on something else, it's extremely difficult since you have developed a habit and habits are difficult to break, the short term gratification and good feeling you get from a show just reinforces the habit. If at all possible try doing things with friends, be active, do productive work, or explore a new hobby. It'll take time and commitment but it possible. You can also use apps like foresr to help you regulate how you use your time.
Adolfine S.
Sometimes l also want to watch memes, but not all of them are funny and most of them are quite boring. I don't actually know how to solve this problem. So I uninstalled YouTube and other apps to force myself to stop this.
Taylor T.
It takes 15 days to make a habit you just need to be consistent with yourself. Work on your self-esteem as well. Do what you like but alone enjoy your own company. You can start by going to a Mall by yourself, eat out by yourself.