How many hours a day do you study when you have to prepare an important exam?

Sara C.
It's not about how much time you spend learning but more of knowing how you learn.

If you're a kinetic learner then you'd probably have to be in motion while studying or find some way to apply motion to what you're studying.

If you're an audio learner than recording what your professor has said, making minor notes while he's talking, and listening to the recording at home and making notes on the recording is studying and reading over your notes out loud would be more than enough studying.

If you're a visual learner then you'd probably have to associate much of what you're studying with mental images as a reminders of what you've studied. Or if you draw then you can draw what comes to mind when you're studying.

I'd google how to know what my learning style is quiz and get an answer from there if you don't know your learning style. Hope this helps.

Denise O.
I'm not in school anymore, but I tried never to study for more than two hours a day on any one thing. Usually it was just one hour. Anything after that and I'm too brain-dead for the effort to be worth it. I rarely crammed but, when I had to, I *always* made sure to take breaks. It helps keep you on top of your game!

Good luck! (ง •̀_•́)ง

Jayden O.
At least 5 hours … But i'm satisfied when i work 7hours or more especially if i have a lot of subjects as i 'm preparing now ..but actually the number of hours doesn't really mean u're working hard if there're some interruptions like phone ,Facebook ,tv , people… So if u just work 2hours without any interruptions it can be better because the quality is better than the quantity