What are you learning and studying?

Tristan W.
I am learning a new language. Brazilian Portuguese. My husband is fluent and our son is growing up bilingual, so I want to learn it too. I’m getting pretty good now. I really like Pimsleur courses for language learning, if anyone else is thinking about trying it.
Alberte U.
I’m studying Spanish and mathematics. The first one for a trip with my family, and the second one to do a certificate 🙂
Bendavid Q.
I am learning the danish language, studying grammar, vocabulary etc.
I am also studying world history, danish history and martial arts history.
Sander N.
I'm learning about the development of human languages, and how each language is like a record of the history of the people who speak it.
Lonnie Y.
I’m currently learning more about the German language. Hopefully, I can become fluent to speak the language and get the opportunity to visit the country where I can put my learning to the ultimate test.
Diana F.
As some would say it's addiction, I prefer to use my phone in the best way I can so I havApp for language learning, app for e-books and app for audiobooks
Aguinaldo Q.
Currently I am studying about the northern area of the Canadian Wilderness. Everyday I learn and study something different. Curiosity comes naturally to me. Learning is one of the most delightful and motivating gifts we have in life. It costs us nothing. We can do it every single day and it is in full benefit to our health and love of this beautiful and all too fleeting, gift of life.
Steve U.
I’m a studying the way I perform under certain situations and wht habits site me the most for i could be able to undertake my problems
Catherine N.
I’ve got multiple apps that cover a wide range of learning. I, for one, never want to stop learning no matter how insignificant the learning is. One app brings daily happenings from the past, with art, music, word of the day, and miscellaneous math and word games. One app I use to brush up on math and English. I also have 2 apps that assist me in learning new languages.
L Rke P.
Well, I am a teenager, so right now I have world history, Latin 1, Journalism 1, and 10th lit honors.
I also would like to take online courses on Japanese, but I don't know how that will go.
Stephen U.
Nutrition for plant based eating as I am feeling it’s the way to go. Also how to make my own clothes… so tired of poor quality high price items that fall apart after a few washes plus I like to reduce my impact on the planet
Charlotte T.
I have decided to learn one new thing everyday starting with something small. I first started with finance related items as I'm more into financial independence and leading a healthy financial lifestyle. I'm researching term and health insurance options as I need to re-evaluate my insurance choices as per my latest needs.
In addition to the above, I'm planning to take up GMAT as a backup plan for the visa process that I'm currently doing. That is, if my plan to emigrate doesn't work out the way I want, I'll study for a couple of years and re-evaluate all my options. Hence I'm prepping for GMAT, attending webinars and undertaking mock GMAT tests and learning online for the test.
Andrey T.
I am fascinated with raised bed gardening, composting, and producing micro greens at home. I love the sustainability of it and the opportunity to provide myself, my family, and my community food. It could potentially be a source of income and home business doing what I love. I have worked as a neurosurgical nurse for 22 years. I have worked in the hospital setting all those years. At this point in my life I would like to leave that setting and utilize my passion for healing in prevention, rather then reaction.
I already do it automatically. My neighbors, friends, family, and patients come to me to find out what lifestyle changes they need to make in order to be healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually . Number 1 is the mind and spirit. Then nutrition. Then exercise. It seems so simple and it is. People make it soooo complicated.
Jeannine Z.
To be honest I am actually reading stuff on a variety of topics these days. But I am mostly learning about health & personal finance.
Marion N.
I am learning Japanese kana.
Katakana and hirigana.
I'm also studying music production and sword fighting. I like to do many things but these have really stood out to me for years.
Iam also studying/ learning how to trade forex profitably.