How can you REALLY block distractions? Sometimes, when the answer doesn’t come, I start thinking about that new song that came out today so I search it on YT, then I find another funny video, and so on…

Donald T.
Focusing in a project can be little difficult some times, but things that can help are: 1. Preparing the right state of mind before starting your project so you can reach a better concentration 2. Remembering the importance of what you’re doing can always make you leave distractions

Marcus E.
Using forest, being aware of my thought and redirecting my focus to my task, breathing and being in the present and stop the fear of missing out because what im really missing out its on my potential of doing something of value on this day

Isabella W.
Oh it’s a life long battle! In our time we are receiving information from everywhere and entertainment is just waiting around the corner…of a screen. But what really helps me is to set time limits, and rob watch more of motivational videos (like on TED Ed) and they usually motivate me so much at some point, that I am starting to be productive! It really depends from person to person what will motivate you to be more productive productive than lazy. But again, we need rest, and sometimes it is not a quality one, but we enjoy it! The more I feel guilty the less productive I’ll be, so I am trying to always stay positive. Good luck and keep up! You can do it!

Enora E.
Sometimes you have to be strict with yourself. When something needs to be done, you need to devote your time to that. Removing electronics from the area will decrease the chance of distraction. A quiet room with a desk or flat surface to study is ideal. You don’t want to be somewhere too comfortable where you have the chance of falling asleep or relaxing more than studying.

Chlo P.
As it says on the fabulous app, try and put your devices in another room and also keep track of your distractions so you know what to steer clear of when you want to get work done. As for not having an answer and then turning to distraction, change your way of thinking. Don't think about how you don't have the answers and how arduous your work is but instead look to the future and how free you'll feel once you get this work done. Then you'll have all the time you want on YouTube and then you won't have that niggling voice in the back of your head that's reminding you of all the work you still have to do. Hope this helps x

Isabelle G.
The best way to get rid of distractions is by deep breathing. Follow the breath both in and out, distractions seem to go away.

Dean Z.
Try turning your phone off and keeping it in another room when you need to. If you are still can’t stop thinking about something, try emptying all thoughts out of your mind by writing them down and coming back to them later when you are finished whatever task you need to do.