What Learn & Study activities do you find most rewarding, stimulating, or satisfying?

Celestine Y.
What learning or study activities do I find the most rewarding? I personally think doing language or art is the most rewarding as it calms me down and it’s a time consuming task that thats is also enjoyable in the process and is always worth it in the end

Alberte P.
I use Headspace & Calm meditation apps daily. Everyday there is a morsel of learning and wisdom offered. If you are in a receiving or allowing vibration these offerings in conjunction with the meditation are very powerful in a peaceful way.

Marceau Y.
Listening to books on audible whilst walking running and biking. I greatly enjoy books on new theories of of the brain and neuroscience and human performance. I never stop listening reading a s learning.

Edmero N.
I find reading a book or completing lessons on Duolingo to be the most stimulating and satisfying — it gives me the sense of accomplishment and that I am expanding my mind!