What’s the best way to study? How do you remember things you’ve studied?

Nguy N Z.
Studying while listening to Lofi is the best way ! I usually clear out all the distractions on my desk , turn on Lofi playlists on Youtube and get to work ! Taking a break every 45 minutes can enhance your memory too

Mikaela R.
The first thing to do for you to have the best way to study is to find your comfortable, quiet and peaceful place to study. For me, it's really important to find a place where you can concentrate and focus on what you are going to study for. No to Distractions! Please Don't get distracted by anything. And if you're not comfortable in studying in a really quiet place, you can play some music that matches your interests or some classic and relaxing musics for you to concentrate and be more comfortable to study

Heitor Q.
Read it 2 times, and imagine pics of the happenings. It can be any subject ( not math and chem). Then, with the help of pics u just tell what is happening in your head.