What are you learning?

Lance Q.
I am learning Italian. Next year I’m going to my cousins wedding in Italy and I want to Be able to speak easier with my family
Salvador S.
That I CAN keep to my habits
That I CAN wake up early
That forming habits might mean doing 2 minutes some days – as long as you are doing it
That naps are good for me
I am happier and have more energy when I do them, which is all I wanted
Thanks for asking
Raul Y.
Languages and fashion. I'm learning French and improving my English. And learning more about Fashion Industry in my country (Brazil) and around the world.
For my own creations, I search for understand the beauty and your shapes through geometry and philosophy.
Eloane S.
i learn a subject in science, biology. i studied about how respiration cellular works, the steps of that are glycolysis, decarboxylate oxidative, krebs cycle, and electron transport. but i just finished till the krebs cycle, i'll continue it this evening.
Diana E.
I am learning How to live and grow, be stoic, understand and remember a shortness of live and finality of life…otherwise I am learning Emergency Medicine
Julian O.
I learned various things such as Autocad by watching the video from online class, watching the movie, series and some of the documentary in YouTube.
Zoey T.
I’m learning how to have a productive life and a positive mind. I do this by doing the small tasks i get from Fabulous. Even though I started new, I believe I will make these small actions turn into habits.
Lael F.
how to focus on yourself n not to worry about little things n over think but keep urself mire motivated n strong n keep bad negative people n negativity away from you dont bother others n stay away from worries n etc…
Margret N.
I’ve enrolled on a Coursera online course. Even though I really don’t have the time for it, I am able to find at least 15mins daily, so I don’t care if progress is slow, as long as I’ll get there!
Mariechen Y.
I am currently re-reading “The Power of Positive Thinking”. A short, yet immeasurably helpful study on how your mind affects you more than your circumstances and how to take control of your thoughts.
Inessa C.
I’m currently enrolled in Dip Gemmology as well as presenting a paper on mindfulness meditation for burns patients and nurses. It’s been 15 months since I retired and have had the time and headspace to review my past which has been challenging. Alcohol consumption, vicarious trauma single parenthood, divorce, burying parents and completing a masters gives me a banquet to to be thoughtful about why I wandered onto these paths. Now I’m considering my future as I’m both physically and psychologically well and look forward to being in the present of my choice no matter what the circumstances may be.
Sohan Y.
I’m learning to keep myself accountable by my actions everyday. I’m breaking everything into bite size bites and doing small things with the outcome that it will big a thing in the end.
Sander P.
I’m learning how to better myself by putting myself first. I’m also learning how to accomplish my goals what is needed to improve myself
Castor E.
I am learning to speak more Spanish using an app called Duolingo. I’m learning to speak common phrases in Spanish and more Spanish words related to travel.
Rasmus N.
I am learning Thai language. I have a girlfriend living in Bangkok and although she speaks English well, I would like to communicate in her native tongue
Brandie O.
I am brushing up on knowledge I already know, to prepare for the upcoming school year. If you are going to school next year, I would recommend that. If not, maybe you could learn a language or a specific skill, like computer programming.
Aniele N.
Languages. I use the Duolingo mobile app, so it feels a bit like a hobby to me. I like to use it while travelling and during short breaks, e.g. coffee break.
Jochem O.
I am learning to drink lots of water and herbal tea. I am learning to always stay positive and not let anyone steal your joy not even your daughter. I have learned that exercising daily makes you feel amazing and meditating calms your mind. I love the Fabulous app and would recommend it to everyone
M Lissa P.
It can help to plan the next day late in the afternoon before sunset; later in the evening I’m tired and either unmotivated or absent – minded. Plan tomorrow after supper today, when you can, and spend evening knowing what morning is going to be like.
Jesus F.
I'm taking down time to learn about mindfulness and different meditation techniques. I'm also spending time exploring different hikes and adventures I want to embark on.
Sylvia E.
I am learning how my mind can be hacked, the first stages are being mindful of ones thoughts. Not easy but practice will get me there.
Alfred N.
I’m learning how to be my best productive self – to focus on top three tasks that I absolutely must complete before the day is over!
Edeltraud I.
I'm learning that a journey of a thousand miles indeed begins with a step. Little changes everyday are better than big tasks we end up not being able to keep up with.