I can’t seem to find something to study, or learn about once I finish my work. I want to learn, but I can’t find anything to learn about. Can anyone offer suggestions?

Darciana Campos
How about a new language? There’s a lot of different ways to learn such as apps, podcasts, videos, books and so on and knowing languages is always useful.

Krzysztof Schultes
It depends where you’re interest are in. I am personally interested in art& photography so at the moment I lern a lot about taking photos and photo editing. I guess we can learn more about anything we are interested in.

Alexander Olsen
Curious has a great app with a wide variety of learning topics. It can also be useful to take online courses through sites like Coursera and EdX.

Eileen Smith
What are you interested in or passionate about? I am a part time blogger and am always looking to improve my skillset. Maybe even get into some professional development with work. There’s always more to learn with whatever you do in life!

Jackson Robinson
I’ve found an app called Coursera that offers a whole bunch of classes that you can either pay for or just take for interests’s sake.

Same Nguyen
Try learning a new language (with duolingo for example) it takes only 10 minutes (or more if you’re eager to learn) a day
It is a nice change after studying the same thing all day

Emily Thomsen
I'd recommend learning a language, or astrophysics (Neil Degrasse Tyson has written some great books that help to 'dumb it down'). Or psychology.

Pauline Harper
5 times pray for allah and next time will go study. If you maintaine your prayer time,also learn time maintaine easily without tension