How can I remember all the things I study?

In S B.
By going over it once or twice a week for 3 weeks and then testing yourself a few days after studying it, this’ll help identify what you need to work on, alternatively you could make flash cards or post it notes of the things you struggle to remember and stick them over your room so that you read them daily, you’re likely to learn it without realising this way, the most important thing is to be persistent and do what works for you
Entry Q.
One generally cannot remember EVERYTHING that one has studied. But to absorb as much as you can, try studying something you enjoy. If you don't enjoy it, try to turn it into a "game" of sorts.
Lowri O.
I learn better when i hear or see things so i record my notes and draw/ print images and visuals to go with my revision, i also colour code and top tip= spray perfume while ur studying then the same onw before your exam and it will act as a refresher for your memory xx
Edward Z.
I am also the one who really is not able to remember.
But I know revision is the only answer.
I tried this and Revising things many time then once a week on holidays in the morning or anytime just for some minutes or half hour makes u remember all
Anna U.
FIRST : Write down the most important ones.
SECOND : Use the spaced repetition method.
THIRD : Learning is fun, enjoy it!