What is the best way to start studying, even when you don’t want to at all? That’s the hardest part for me.

Marc Z.
Write down the reason for this study. You need to study to find a better job? To finish your graduation? Where are you trying to go with this? When this is clear for you, is much easier to start
Perry J.
For me I try to get motivated to study and do it so later in the day your mind wouldn’t be thinking about studying because you did it already
Sebastian N.
It's hard for everyone, more or less. You are not alone. Normally you give more when you are more interested in the subject.
Anyway, i think the best way to start is to use the Pomodoro trick that is just an app that uses a timer to force you focusing on your study for no more than 20 minutes per session. After you will have a pause to rest and then you will restart. The point is to give the max focusing in a short gap of time. It works and breaks the ice when you are really not in the mood to work. After the first five/eight minutes you will find yourself deep in the subject.