How do you keep yourself focused on something like work or study?

Martha O.
In terms of focus I uses timer to keep me motivated. When I’m working on monotonous tasks that don’t require a lot of thinking I like to listen to podcasts as I work.

Cirilo A.
so i never Had those amazing habits so this apo really helped me and if you can’t install it I would say that anything would be fun if you blast some music.LIKE CLEANING IS SO SATISFYING AND FUN WHEN YOU DO IT WITH JOY!!!like imagine this :you’re bored but dont wanna Watch a movie or study well you should definitely clean your house it’s fun and productive!!!

Tc R.
I just want to be useful for myself while i work or study. Beacuse i know that at the end i will feel better, motivated and fresh. This feeling keeps me concentrated.

Rolf X.
I like to listen to some study with me video, I feel better knowing that I am not working alone. I also like to hear some kind of chill music and do pauses every 25 minutes, for like, 5 min, even more if needed. Just enough to feel motivated again. Also try to find a funny way to learn! I like using my friends I request them to ask me questions related to my studies( even if we aren’t doing the same) and it keeps me motivated, I also try to find motivation through many kind of applications like study bunny, it’s like a timer and it’s very satisfying to keep your bunny happy, and for them to be happy you need to study ^^. And lastly, ( information needed: I am a langage student) I read books in the langage I am learning, it helps in order to get vocabulary and ways of speaking, starting of course with children books, you can gradually pick harder books, to feel motivated.
However do not compare yourself with your friends, if they are bellow you, you will feel superior, but if they are better than you, you will have the feeling of being a limp, and will automatically stop being motivated!

Neelofer Z.
It depends upon us….. Keep ur distractions in other room like phn, tv etc., keep 25 mins timer and focus on one task… And take 5 mins break… Repeat the same process daily… Stick to a schedule…. Believe that you can do it… At beginning it is hard… But as time and days goes on… You will become expert in this process… All the best… 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Anna A.
It's not easy to focus to me. At noon around 1-3pm is the hardest time to focus for me. Productivity at first and mind wandering after 5 min. So I usually pick time to do my work or study depend on my energy ( usually in the morning or evening after 6:30pm)

Khushi C.
I study when I study I am not focused so I have taken advice from my freinds they say that if u want to focus listen to classical ballet music it will help u to keep focused or take off all the distractions and for 5-10 min med

Mariam F.
I always use the reward system. I will set various grades of goals and reward myself accordingly. If the top goal is not achieved, at least smaller milestone had already been passed.

Always have the plan B in store, in case the first goal was not achieved in time, so that we wouldn't be too harsh on ourselves, and could encourage ourselves to keep going strong, to not stop short.

Ewen E.
It is hard to focus on my study now. If I really need to focus, the best is to put my phone away and avoid distractions.

Elma A.
It's really hard when you're studying something you don't like or care about, so I remind myself that it's worth it because I will be proud of my work at the end.