How do you keep yourself focused on something like work or study?

Beth P.
Several things, listen to music that is easy to tune out but enjoyable, like classical, spa, world, or new age. Create a short term to do list of what to accomplish for the day and a longer term one for the week. Cross them off as you go. Use reminders to take breaks regularly away from your desk. Check out the learning how to learn class on coursera. Lots of good information.
Zachary Q.
For me it always helps to keep my phone like far away from. And to have a cleaned area to study/work helps me concentrate more on my work !
Solape Z.
The knowledge of the benefits
of the studying. When I know
that the best is coming for me
from what I am studying for, it
will give me the ginger to
further my study. Soon 45
mins turn to an hour, an hour
to 2 hours, 2 hours to 4 hours
and then seeing myself
enjoying it. The initial stages
of the system is always hard
as no one enjoys pain (hehe),
but time has its way of fitting
things into your plan.

So, in summary, so far, I'm
enjoying the process and I
really want to thank Fabulous
for their unending support
and encouragement

Nikkita C.
I’m still in school, so when I’m doing things like homework, or studying for a test, I try to listen to music or call one of my friends and do homework with them. Most of the time I listen to music, but calling friends is really nice because it’s not as boring as being by yourself.
<33 N.
Listening to my Spotify music playing really helps has it calms me down and makes me feel more serene meaning I can think better
Shaikh Z.
When I want to start a task , I dont think about how much longer the task is going to take or how hard the task is. I just think about the satisfaction, the motivation,
the happiness that I get after achieving the task and after imagining it I fresh up my mood like dancing, listening to music…….
Then I keep my things ready so that I don't get distracted cause of trying to find them. And then I devide the task into sub tasks which will make the task look easier. And also its important to take rest after completing a task. For example walking for 5 minutes, drinking water,……
And I also use a moble app which reminds me about tasks. And at last I praise my self for completeing the tasks like by eating my favourite food, roaming……..
Maria Z.
When I have to study and I need to keep myself focused I need to be in an completley silent room with no distractions. Also I have an app which I make sure I wont use my phone while studying with
Ma Wenn T.
When studying or in work, I try to stay away from any distractions as much as possible. I set goals, turn off my phone, and isolate myself. Lastly, I also take breaks in between as it helps me re-energize and improve my productivity.
Carol U.
Hahaha you are hilarious soft music works for me. The classical Beethoven or pianoforte is good to. I guess the island child in me has lots of adhd and can’t focus without humming a tune.
Patrick N.
I know that I will need to support my family soon. I know that I need to support myself. And I know I will be paid a lot and do what I enjoy if I continue.
Maria N.
Well I guess I get a lot of validation from school specially from teachers. And since I was a kid I was obsessed with learning so I kinda like study I guess . However it sometimes it can gets really difficult so I force myself with small tasks such as making a to do list or giving rewards after easier tasks.
Martha O.
In terms of focus I uses timer to keep me motivated. When I’m working on monotonous tasks that don’t require a lot of thinking I like to listen to podcasts as I work.
Ewen E.
It is hard to focus on my study now. If I really need to focus, the best is to put my phone away and avoid distractions.
Ainsley P.
I honestly am not very good with keeping myself on a schedule or a set thing. However, I feel so much better when I’m organized. So I do not set a time I just set down all of the things I want to do on a list. I’m more likely to do it.
Elma A.
It's really hard when you're studying something you don't like or care about, so I remind myself that it's worth it because I will be proud of my work at the end.
Ida F.
It is hard to focus when you have different surroundings that are distracting you but if the thing you have started to work on is really want you love and see as a good and dream I don't think that there are any barriers that can stop you.Just focus and keep telling yourself-I can do it,I’m strong.💎🦋🧚🏻
Aquilino C.
I don't know I'm easily distracted and I haven't since did anything focused many reasons just comes in between maybe friends in online or maybe my home maybe I just don't know
I will do my best to be focused
Wayne Z.
I will think about my future… what's gonna happen if I didn't work hard from now. Everything I do just for make my parents proud of me… that's way I must focused on what I worked for. And thanks because help me go through it
Marina Z.
That’s a difficult one at times but first thing is I make a schedule of when I want to get it done by. For example: want to get my presentation done by 1:00 before I leave. Another important step is to rate the importance of it in your mind and realize how unimportant other random activities are. Third, is to get you mind in the mindset of focus, so you can concentrate for a long period of time if you need to. This could mean meditating or reading smth small to get interested in learning.
Jasmine N.
I know it’s hard to focus, when a part of you don’t want it. It’s harder to study when you don’t set a time. Your brain can’t remember things if you have headache. So the main top here is to set 1 hour of studying every day. In that way, you can study much more better.How to be focused on job is easy. First you have to have a job that you like. Cause it’s easier to focus then. Have a bit fun when you can have fun. Then I promise you that it will be more easier.
T Ina P.
I focus on my to-feel-list, instead of my to-do-list. I work towards my goal, because it makes me feel a certain way, and not ramdomly crossing off stuff I need to do.
Cirilo A.
so i never Had those amazing habits so this apo really helped me and if you can’t install it I would say that anything would be fun if you blast some music.LIKE CLEANING IS SO SATISFYING AND FUN WHEN YOU DO IT WITH JOY!!!like imagine this :you’re bored but dont wanna Watch a movie or study well you should definitely clean your house it’s fun and productive!!!
Arleth N.
Find a nice place to study, get all your materials, get some water and a small snack, remove distractions (as in your phone!) put some light music on (Ex. Classic music, instrumental music, nature music, I recommend and start doing your thing! Remember to take breaks!!!
Josane E.
Its all in your mind. When you make up your mind to study and hou believe that you can and you will , nobody can distract you then.
Ang Le Z.
I try to get rid of distraction and use a pomodoro method to divide the tasks in smaller portions. Also, whenever I feel like I’m not focusing anymore, I meditate for like 10 mins and get back to work
Jsabella Y.
I really love ballet when I was ten.I put a lot of effort in to learn ballet.
So, I think what the most important thing to focus on one thing is you need to enjoy it and love it.If you don't love this thing,then probaly you won't able to focus on that thing.I hope you can do well,keep it up!
Clara E.
first i refresh my mind and concentrate on the thing i want to di either work or study.That readness to do something is what i have
Krin F.
I organized my time, of course, I kept sleeping early and waking up early in the morning too, I have plenty of time to do everything, and I am a Muslim and this is enough to make my soul always pure and keep my focus.
Olivia J.
I have trouble focusing but what I find helps me is I go to a quiet area and just focused in what I'm doing and some times it's hard because I live for music and I usually listen to it well I study and it throughs of my focused so my advice is silence
William C.
I struggle to stay focused during studying section or work but music like lofi beats or piano versions of my favorites songs definitely help!
Artsy Wolf25 N.
I keep myself focused by playing calming music and or listening to calming asmr. I like to watch/listen to study with mes and listen to rain noises.
Hananeh F.
Yes I try but always there is a responsible for me that I should do it when I'm studing.
I mean my parents give me job🙄😒
Tc R.
I just want to be useful for myself while i work or study. Beacuse i know that at the end i will feel better, motivated and fresh. This feeling keeps me concentrated.
Malthe X.
Meditating beforehand to refresh my brain from distractions. I also use the pomodoro technique and set a reward when finishing one cycle.
Denise N.
i always try to stay concentrate in the study, but sometimes i get distracted. today for example, i didnt study very well even if tomorrow ill have an interrogation, i was thinking about something stupid i said. mai lo avessi fatto.
Alexandra C.
I just think about my goals and about my future. I also ask myself why i am doing this, what's the reason i stick with these habits? It's simple. I imagine my future and it's better if I work for my future self now. So You just have to think about your future career and yourself.
Martina P.
I stay focused because I know which one is my goal. If I want to succeed in something I need to concentrate as much as I can without distraction.
Rolf X.
I like to listen to some study with me video, I feel better knowing that I am not working alone. I also like to hear some kind of chill music and do pauses every 25 minutes, for like, 5 min, even more if needed. Just enough to feel motivated again. Also try to find a funny way to learn! I like using my friends I request them to ask me questions related to my studies( even if we aren’t doing the same) and it keeps me motivated, I also try to find motivation through many kind of applications like study bunny, it’s like a timer and it’s very satisfying to keep your bunny happy, and for them to be happy you need to study ^^. And lastly, ( information needed: I am a langage student) I read books in the langage I am learning, it helps in order to get vocabulary and ways of speaking, starting of course with children books, you can gradually pick harder books, to feel motivated.
However do not compare yourself with your friends, if they are bellow you, you will feel superior, but if they are better than you, you will have the feeling of being a limp, and will automatically stop being motivated!
Nurul V.
Im using a study apps it does help me a lot from getting distractions.Also, I will push myself to do the work until its complete. Only then i would relax and rest. I would spend an hour to do the task and take a short break to relax my muscles then continue it again.
Anaaya F.
Well, I try to focus like my mind tells I can do this do it your parents are going to be proud and I just continue doing it. Including my school
Sofia N.
I listen to music to calm me down. And I love to work/study when it's sunny day and I can be on the balcony! But music is everything!
Also it helps me when I make a to-do list!
Neelofer Z.
It depends upon us….. Keep ur distractions in other room like phn, tv etc., keep 25 mins timer and focus on one task… And take 5 mins break… Repeat the same process daily… Stick to a schedule…. Believe that you can do it… At beginning it is hard… But as time and days goes on… You will become expert in this process… All the best… 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Milo Z.
I keep duplication in front of me. Do my very best not to get those distractions thru out the day. Write down every moment or thoughts you can.
Solape Z.
The knowledge of the benefits of the studying. When I know that the best is coming for me from what I am studying for, it will give me the ginger to further my study. Soon 45 mins turn to an hour, an hour to 2 hours, 2 hours to 4 hours and then seeing myself enjoying it. The initial stages of the system is always hard as no one enjoys pain (hehe), but time has its way of fitting things into your plan.

So, in summary, so far, I'm enjoying the process and I really want to thank Fabulous for their unending support and encouragement 😊❤

Lys Z.
a few things .. i like to put on some kind of ambient background music or classical music. i make sure i’ve used up any pent up physical energy as well so i try to get chores or housework done beforehand. that also helps keep distractions down. speaking of, i always make sure my phone is on do nothing disturb when trying to really concentrate.
Nikolaus E.
Even though it is hard, I tend to try and use tools like the 2 minute rule or pomodoro technique, which is very useful for me. I just am also more productive when I am in that state of flow when there is no resistance to study. Those two are technics that help me enter in that state of mind. I just focus on my work and thats it😅. Hope it makes sense
Noam X.
It's a habit built and maintained over time, developed incrementally from small gains of focus to longer stretches. Also, it doesn't always work, because life happens, you get distracted by events out of you control, by your own emotions when things go pear-shaped and so on. So the next challenge after developing focus and attention is overcoming distractions to regain focus once you've lost it. And here, again, it's about incrementally picking up pace by starting small. Once you start again, the chance of regaining focus increases.
Sarita T.
I set a timer and start with 5-10 minutes of pure focus on what I'm wanting to work on. Once I start focusing it builds momentum until I'm in the flow of the task. I give myself 5-15 minute breaks after every 30-60 minutes.
Annita I.
I recommend listening to some music, it doesnt have to be relaxing, just anything that helps you!! Also try to do some calming stuff before, organize a little bit!!
Suzy P.
Well i just tell myself that after i have done something i can go on a walk or eat something dilicous. This app has also helped me stay motivated.
Mathias X.
I don’t really stay focused on a task at all. I’m always getting distracted but I give myself enough time to complete the task while being distracted.
Felix W.
I try to start from what needs to be done first and how complex is the task, the. I start gathering the resources I think I would need for this to be successfully done
Glenda O.
It's difficult most times but I try to keep away things that distract me. Make myself known that I want to study or work and nothing else. But trust me it's not easy at all
Codie O.
I like to listen to music while focusing on my school work. I also like to have water with me so I don’t have to get up and lose focus
Angel T.
This has actually been a struggle for me, but I’ve found that a change in scenery helps. There is a particular restaurant that I love to go to for moments like these. There is a section in the back that tends to be on the quieter side, and it provides me hours of uninterrupted time to complete any current projects/ school work.
Ron W.
When I feel unmotivated I try to imagine what the future will be like if I try hard now but sometimes if you’re ill or stressed it’s better to take a break.
Boris Z.
I try my best to always keep in mind I have a direction that has been well defined and a purpose of my being and achieving a well defined goal for me is first.
Joless N.
i must focus at work because me and my boss work in the same room so i cannot get distracted – keep the focus on studying is a bit harder.. i usually prepare myself with some rituals (coffee, turn off the phone, candles, window open, background music, organisation of the amount of things to study, etc) and i think that i cannot get up from the chair until everything is done
Sarah O.
I am a pretty distracted person. So I always study with the "study with me " type of videos. They keep me going and motivated so well . Especially when there is not much noise around you
Harriet B.
I do a short prayer/meditation before I start, to still my wandering mind and improve my focus. It helps me reflect on why I'm there and what I need to achieve and mentally sketch my work or study plan.
Cassie N.
I set small attainable goals and check them off as I go. I block time and practice mindfulness by focusing on the one task at a time.
Ammarah M.
i watch motivational videos and read books , give myself constant breaks and question myself. i have a separate book full of questions per chapter/page and i myself sometimes have no motivation so i just do the subject or work i like or just take some time off
Gabrielle O.
Block out distractions such as phones and work on your studying until you have lost focus then have a 5 min break and try complete the work.
Jisoo X.
Хех, если честно, то я не самый сосредоточенный на чём-либо человек😅 Ну, бывают моменты, когда я работаю целый день. В этом мне помогаете вы и другие приложения, различные мотивационные ролики и моя мама)
J Nio N.
I usually play with my hairtie at the same time as I’m listening and when I’m doing an exam I play with my pen when I’m not writing.
Oana E.
It's not easy to be productive and I know that better than anyone. When I fell like not wanting to do something like study and work I meditate or do some exercises and then if I have a lot of energy I will go study and work more. But sometimes I just took a nap :).
Tr N A.
Sleep well, listen to piano, have an open-mind in which you learning or doing, ask friends or teachers or anyone can help when you dont understand such a thing, note and note, observe your every-day-life, just believe anything approach you now can have an impact on your future so dont let it fly away but ask yourself why it happens. Last thing: I love you🥰
Marin O.
I try to get distractions away, and write the task down. I also like some snacks while I am working, and I prefer to listen to music while I am working. But this may not work for everyone because it can also be a distraction. And if you like to take a quick pause, try not to use any social media like YouTube or Instagram, because once you start with watching it is for me really hard to stop and go on with working. So try to read a chapter of your book instead of watching a video.
Eisha N.
Yes at first I don’t like to follow my studying routines and I realized that I am wrong I should follow my habits so I am follow my habits correctly
Katarina W.
I usually keep myself focused by making sure that i wasnt too stressed out before doing it, meaning to give myself a break between studying and doing more high maintance tasks, and if im really not feeling like learning or doing my work, i just work in smaller time lapses and i keep myself motivated by knowing that one day ill be grateful for the hard work im putting in right now and that even five minutes of studying is better than zero. Hope it helps<3
Mariam X.
Well, that is a common question, but, it's easy to solve.
People have many different ways to keep focused, but I'm going to share one that I think is FABULOUS:
The 5 second challenge. When you get distracted or don't want to do something, you count 5…4…3…2…and by 1 you should get up and do what you're supposed to do.
도 하나 N.
I just eliminate all distractions. Try to directly involve whatever I need to study in a somewhat interesting way. And allow breaks. Don't force yourself to do it all at once. Just try to make sure you get everything done, that's all
Hrishikesh P.
I start studying from the easiest to hardest subject. Because if I start from hardest I would be too overwhelmed and give up studying. So I start from something interesting which can keep me hooked up. While studying things which are a bit hard I watch online lessons and classes to make studying easy. I study in a quiet room without any disturbance.
Olivia T.
Usually i open up music playlist in yt, while that of course i want to keep the music on. So i wouldn't get distracted by other things in my phone. 🔥 Also keep notifications off is so important
Ronald U.
I recommend trying to calm down more, try unplugging for about 5 minutes or so before!! Also I listen to music while studying, it helps me a lot! Hope this helps <3
Charis Q.
I put on some calm music and make sure my workspace is clean. And also make sure I am not stressed about anything. Don't worry you can do it
Anna A.
It's not easy to focus to me. At noon around 1-3pm is the hardest time to focus for me. Productivity at first and mind wandering after 5 min. So I usually pick time to do my work or study depend on my energy ( usually in the morning or evening after 6:30pm)
Katharina C.
First of all before I start my studies I get refresh and gather all the stuff for it.Then I just get ready for a study section. During long hours of studies to be focused a take 5 min brak in between
See the best way to focus on any work Is that you have to prepare your mind for it and also kepp all the distraction like Mobile away from you
Lucky N.
I usually play music to focus on studying and say no to everyone who distracts me. I'm trying to find a new place and atmosphere and I think it's quite successful
Emanuele Z.
With some chilling and relaxing music, some drinks and snacks around and possibly without nearly events so I can concentrate, I don't have to go fast and I have only a little amount of stress
Nishma W.
If you want to focus on something then make sure the space you are working in is organized, make sure there is nothing that can distract you. Then make whatever you are doing fun! Maybe you are doing homework then make your note book a little more decorative, okay a game with yourself, creat an imaginary convo between a teacher and a student etc.
Lu N.
I just start to work in the place I designed for and concentration flows. But yes sometimes my minds start to wander so I just let it wander until I get a resolution for the wander and back to work, when I pay attention to the wander jus take a few seconds or a minute or two to disappear.
Amanda I.
I make sure what I’m working on or studying is of interest to me. It makes no sense to take on a task without knowing the direction of your trajectory. Make sure the work is aligned with who you want to become or un-become. I make sure it reflects my values. And lastly, I have an accountability partner.
Louis S.
I listen to classical music and take a lot of notes haha also try to meditate when I lose focus:( I've been super stressed lately
Khushi C.
I study when I study I am not focused so I have taken advice from my freinds they say that if u want to focus listen to classical ballet music it will help u to keep focused or take off all the distractions and for 5-10 min med
Valerie P.
First, I always try to find something that interests me to give me some energy and curiosity right off the bat. However, sometimes it’s hard to find things that can inspire me for an assigned project, so if I can’t then I try to fake it a little bit, and think about the finalized product and how good it will feel to finish it.
Felicia O.
I put away my phone but before i do that i put it on do not disturb and if i feel like it i will put some studying music on
Nur N.
I always use pomodoro technique. You can just browse "pomodoro technique" and you"ll find that this technique was very amazing. This technique helped me a lot!
Dulcelina Z.
When i start doing some work like what i like to do then I don’t get distracted bcoz i love to do that but when i study i make make sure that I don’t get distracted and once i have started then i get focused but before starting studies i always get lazy to do that
Tobias W.
I can't keep myself focused.I always think something else.I can't help with it.And I can't focus to studying.And Studying is so boring
Shannon T.
If it's something I have to write or study and not learn by heart then I put on my music playlist! It has all my favourite songs which keep me hyped up and motivated to do my work!!!
Izabella Z.
I keep in mind that I'm getting rid of all the extra stress that comes with work so when I'm finished I don't have any stress
Zaba N.
I always have some snacks, some really good tea or coffe and play some music better without words so you don’t start singing. Then I shut off my social media notifications and start to work. It’s good to make a lot of breaks than not do anything. 20 min work 5 min break 20 min work 5 min break… ( breaks not on social media!!!)
Rafael E.
I completely avoid the distractions and I make the place look clean and neat . Just keeping the place phone zoned can cost a lot of disturbance , I try to put all my focus to one point that is to my work and try to fully understand the problem while studying rather than mugging them.
Habiba N.
no , i don't… but i try to keep myself focus so you can just play any relaxation audio and leave social media close you bedroom door and try to get motivied
Mariam F.
I always use the reward system. I will set various grades of goals and reward myself accordingly. If the top goal is not achieved, at least smaller milestone had already been passed.

Always have the plan B in store, in case the first goal was not achieved in time, so that we wouldn't be too harsh on ourselves, and could encourage ourselves to keep going strong, to not stop short.

Keisha J.
I normally create a start up routine. I have a designated area for study that is not in my bedroom because I will most likely just climb in bed. I have a comfortable place to sit, turn on my diffuser, and make tea.
Isha E.
In the beginning i have same problem , in fact when i open my book for study I stare walls instead of books , haha , i am so stupid but how i manage to be focused – when you decide doing study first recall you thoughts for 5 min like about your future goal and why you wanna achieve them . Remember when people take you granted and if you wanna live your dream life you should study or work on your skills .
If i talk about my self I focused on my study because my friends no my so called friends make fun of me because my marks isn't good it's doesn't mean i am weak in study . It's just like i can say but i m unable to write what i know ( its complicate) and also I wanna live my dreamy life and I recall everything how my friends make fun of me everywhere as joke . I hate peoples and i am depressed (no one know about it ). So want money for my bright future .
So just recall your thoughts why you wanna be successful , what is your goals and why ..
Ariana V.
i think about my goals, and why i am doing this. i look at other people how they study , and i am getting motivated to do this.
Enora N.
I keep myself focused on something like working and studying by staying away from possible distractions like my phone. Sometimes listening to a calm music.
Dusty Y.
I try and really engage myself with it for example try to make it more enjoyable for myself . That could be from making my work look more presentable to even drawing diagrams . I also try to remove any distractions like my phone or any other electronic devices
Amino P.
I work in short sessions of 30 minutes with 5 minutes breaks in between. It really helps to keep my focus, concentration and motivation. If you aren't familiar with it yet, it's called the Pomodoro-method 🙂
Hans Adolf F.
I'm keeping myself focused by hearing to sad music for studying. But sometimes I'm also hearing to some Study with me videos of Study to success.
Kelly D.
I focus on work and study by removing all the things that distracts me like phone, games, etc. Moreover I set a study routine in which I do any other work only after completing my study
Byron O.
An important factor is preparing your environment that it makes it easier to focus- reduce distractions like your phone, email notifications, snacks by turning off electronic devices. If your distraction is from family or dorm mates, either notify them beforehand not to disturb you or go to study rooms. Make it easier for you to focus-sleep enough hours, don't eat too much sugary food that makes you have sugar crashes. Of course, there are still times when your mind is the biggest enemy from focusing. You will have to ask yourself why you can't focus on the task. Is it because you have other engagements to attend to? Or maybe a deadline you're nervous about? Or the fear of inadequacy? You have to accept you can't focus 100% of the time, but you can definitely create an environment that helps you to focus!
Franz J.
i think when i‘m ready, i have the time to do something i like. like watch tiktok or go outside, go online shopping, just something like that.
also i make a few breaks, when i notice i can’t concentrate.
Julie Z.
When I am studying I put my headphones on and listen to musicand this way I'm in my zone and I have no interruptions and get the work done