What do I do if I don’t want to study something but a test is coming up in a few days?

Yara P.
If you want to do well you should study. If there are readings maybe you can use text to audio and listen while you are doing other things like walking or cleaning. If it is memorizing, say things out loud. Exercise or stretch before studying and drink water. Get comfortable in a place you like. Be grateful for the opportunity to learn. All information is valuable in some way. Knowledge is power.
Mathilde Z.
I don't think I ever wanted to study for a test. It was a drudge. But hated the idea of flunking a test more than studying. Exercise energized me to study. My desire to succeed and learn drove me to the books. Now I read for pleasure. Fight through your dread and hit the books.
Joselaine Q.
Push yourself, know the consequences of not doing it and fake the productivity until you brain actually ends up getting into that mindset.
Annette B.
What I do and have been advised to do by my instructors is schedule in times to study. Put it in writing. If it’s on post your more likely to do it.
Melvin G.
Take a day off and do other things like cleaning, reading, walking etc. to still feel productive. Make a plan for study day and take breaks every 45 minutes. Listnening to relaxing music while studying helps concentration.
Vasco P.
When I experience this feeling, I remind myself why I am taking the class in the first place. Even if it is just because it is a requirement, you have an end goal for being in school. Your personal growth and education are no one's responsibility but your own. If you give up on yourself, then what message are you sending to the universe?
Jessie F.
Make it fun! Get a mini whiteboard and some whiteboard markers from the store and teach or do your homework on the whiteboard so it’s more fun rather than just on the normal paper
Daryl Q.
focus on everything to do with the topic slowly stick in your memory

or don’t study, wing it maybe pass but most likely fail and it could become a bad habit

Clarence P.
I'm sure you have alternative things you would do instead of studying. You just need to block yourself from those activities, which will make studying a more attractive option than sitting around all day.

For example, if socialization is a temptation, then make a commitment to your friends or family to study (and then prove you did), or if the Internet, TV, or games are a distraction, you can go someplace where you won't have any Internet or games (or set up software on your computer).

Most important, don't view this as a weakness. Willpower is overrated. To succeed you need to provide yourself with a support structure.

Eva Z.
Personally I understand how you feel. What I normally do is get all of the distractions out of the way and find something that relaxes you; whether it’s drinking tea or listening to music. Another way is by studying with a friend, it’s a little more fun and can really help.
Christopher B.
You Must find a value in it, so that it switches from I Have to do this, to I Must do this! See it as an opportunity for growth versus an unwanted task.
Mathis Y.
When I’m having a hard time starting to study, I watch a YouTube video specific to something I need to learn for the exam. I learn from watching it and it often helps me get in the mood for actual studying.