How do you hold yourself accountable for your actions?

Soraia B.
I remember that I want this and I want to better myself so in my future I can be the best me there is and so I can be proud of my accomplishments
Felix Z.
I don’t know exactly how. Sometimes I do blame myself for what’s gone wrong but to be honest, I do not take serious responsibility about my actions
Luke P.
I keep a to-do list of things to do, if I didnt manage to complete the task I will push it to the next day and it will be the first thing on my list to do for the next day.
Ethan F.
I like to get streaks on completing my habits & ideally rituals. I go through them all & debate checking things off I didn't complete due to time or other excuses. Then I think I'll feel bad if i check if off & know I didn't do it which normally guilt trips me into really doing the habit.
Hilma C.
It’s definitely a tricky headspace to navigate but ultimately if you want to see positive change then YOU have to implement it.

I personally struggle with this and have found that forward planning really helps. For example if I want to write a report tomorrow and know that I am prone to playing video games instead, then I’ll unplug my games console and tidy away my games the day before and space permitting, I’ll write my report in a different room.

The less accessible you can make your go to distractions, the more likely you are to opt to do the thing you’ve been putting off.

Fabulous also has a really good guided meditation about acknowledging your impulsive and your more rational thoughts and consciously choosing which one to listen to. This, critically, makes you aware of your own responsibility in the decision making process and, for me at least, is often enough to highlight the flaw in the impulsive thought e.g. I know if I watch that 1 YouTube video then it’ll lead to 2 and before I know it I’ll not have done any work on my report and will feel really guilty about it so maybe I should just start that report instead and watch that video at lunch if I’m still thinking about it then.

Gotthold O.
Yes I do. I believe actions are a consequence of choice and choices are one out of various available options that could have been chosen which all have different outcomes and resulting actions.
Qu Vin Q.
Well, I know that I must hold my self accountable as it will do me good if not I know I will regret it and have a punishment
Mathilde W.
The first step is that you have to take responsibility for your actions. Second, you have to realize that every day exists of thousands of decision moments. Are you in a situation where you dont want to be? Break the process that got you there down into the different decision moments and identify where it went wrong.
Brent Y.
I write down everything I do so I can assess the emotions I felt when doing something, if I had total disregard for it I know I have to work harder on that thing or if I end up resenting the thought of it I alter the activities slightly so I connect and enjoy them, put a positive spin on things so you feel more motivated to do them. Treat yourself when you need to and understand some days are harder than others, some days you won’t be proud of what you’ve done but they’re necessary days: rest is good for the soul and mind too ❣️
Cristiana Q.
Analyze…when you analyze and find the reason for your miseries, the final thing that would point at would be none other than you.
Elza S.
I tell other people what my goals are, and use a buddy system. Even just writing my goals down keeps me more aaccountable.