How did you start your Fabulous journey?

Anna W.
I saw an ad and it got my attention. It was what I had started doing in an analogue way, but with more tips and reminders
L On Z.
I started Fabulous while thinking about the ways I wanted to elevate my life. It was intentional, but vague. I wanted more for myself and I wanted to do more for myself, but I wasn’t exactly sure how I’d go about it.

Fabulous shared that the journey to a better life was often built on small actions that became habits, words which aligned with thoughts I’d had about development at work and in other areas of my life.

I started with the one small task: eight ounces of water in the morning. Once I saw that it was easy to accomplish (especially if I prepared ahead of time) and tackled it right away, it was easier. After I reached that three day mark, I could really appreciate the impact. It’s a whole mindset shift that’s taking place. I started reading more about it and embracing the possibilities of it. I make mistakes and still don’t have all of the discipline and order down for my routines, but the way I think about my day is changing. I can feel it. I hope you can continue to do the same on this journey.

Ninon Q.
I’ve started to use the application just to have a look on the interface of the app, after using it for a few days I restarted the journey and now I use this app more seriously