How do you balance studying and excersise?

Terra U.
I don't. I just do both when I feel ready..
So, I study awhile, then exercise and so on.
I never become a slave to my duties or hobbies.
I control what I do, what I want, what I need etc.
Andrew L.
I usually try to study in the morning before work and workout after work or vice versa. If I don't feel like doing one then I don't have a choice but to do the other.
Mikkel C.
I get up early and work out. Because I need to arrive my lab around 9. So there is a deadline for the exercise to create some emotion like I need to finish this thing as soon as possible. As for study, I use a lot of time study.
Grace S.
TBH I'm still struggling with finding a balance, but I try to make sure I spend at least 45 minutes studying and 15 minutes doing some kind of workout (I just started the figure 8 program and am enough it even though its hard still). When it comes right down to it, its only an hour out of 24, even though it does sometimes feel impossible. But I wake up each morning determined to do better than yesterday
Candice O.
I actually do both at the same time. Some studies have shown that exercise can increase areas of the brain, specifically in relation to memory and retention. I generally do a stationary ride every day and at the same time watch or read my course materials
Meral O.
It is difficult to balance these two. I have a strict timeline but I Still have difficulties when everything turn to kaos to manage them.
Chaiane B.
Haha… with great difficulty!!! It is such a hard thing to work, study and try maintain a balanced lifestyle. I used to try alternating days so I could have longer gym sessions after work. However sometimes shorter workouts / a short run followed by 2 hours study can also work. I suppose it depends how you like to study (in longer / shorter chunks). Otherwise could try exercise before work and study in the evenings. I think setting realistic goals is important so as not to burn yourself out
Marie Z.
I’m on a sports team at my college so I have to make time for exercise whether I have the time or not. Studying sometimes comes second
Gueir Q.
I usually cant balance my studies and exercise.. its always my studies that gets hampered due to my exercise and other activities.. i m slow and less productive. I really need to be more productive in my life
Nikolai X.
I do not yet balance it. With studying it's easier for me by teaching others (different perspective to learn myself and it's also a commitment – not possible to procrastinate). With exercises it's "only" a morning ritual.
Amaury S.
It depends on periods. If I have time and am I not under the pressure of a deadline, I wake up early (6.30h am) and direct after breakfast I do 40-60 mins. Yoga. If I'm under pressure I schedule to do a little movement during the pauses (walking, stretching, cleaning).
Terrance P.
I take out time to do both or if I’m busy I work out while I study. For example I perform high knees while looking over my notes for school
Tha S T.
I only allocate, for the daily exercise routine as such, a maximum time of ~ 45 minutes, no more. But I make the most of my downtime: I do plank/ stretching/ dance/ squats while I'm waiting for the coffee to be ready (Italian coffee, you know… it's about 4 minutes) or for the water to boil, isometric contraptions when I'm waiting for the train, and so on.