How can I motivate other people to study?

Veit O.
This is one I need help with. But if I had an idea to start? I would start with myself. Study for 20 mins a day until it’s a habit, then posting DAILY, with emotions, tips, struggles, triumphs. Be relatable. Be a real person. Be you.
Gon Alo C.
Honestly… you can’t. Not really. You are the only person you can change. You can make yourself an example and show why it’s worthwhile, but they have to make the decision to do it.

One person’s “motivation” is another person’s “imposition” or “demand.”

If you think studying is valuable demonstrate it and how you benefit from it. The other person had to want to. If they don’t want what you show it gives you… not much you can do that will really motivate them.

Meral U.
Study with them… Having a study partner always motivates me to study. Also give them ideas or make them schedules that's what I do to help out my best friends 💘
Chester C.
A great way to motivate others to study is to motivate them to organize a study plan that allows for plenty of rest time and plenty of reward time. The study periods of time should be relatively short but often, and in motivating them to study, it also helps to give them positive feedback for even their smallest accomplishments towards their larger goal of learning.
Benjamin C.
I don’t have a good answer as myself started to study recently, last year am doing Office Administration and it’s been a while since I even read 🤭
Victoria P.
By maybe having a fun activity to do with them afterwards and or kids a rewards system like a star chart . Hope this helps.
Guilhermina Z.
I’m not directly sure to be frank! It occurs to me that the best way to get someone to buy in to a challenging activity is to show them your own success or growth with it. Hope that helps.