How do you keep yourself on-task? I’m so easily distracted .

Ryan E.
I keep myself in task by tracking my habits and being more aware of my daily actions. When I keep track of things I am more connected to what i am doing and I feel more reward when I accomplish something.
Eneias C.
Remember your why, set reminders, try and complete the tasks as soon as possible so you won't have to worry about them taking up space in your mind. Think about yesterday if you didn't or did complete them and remember that feeling to help motivate you.
Jeanne N.
I chose things that were important to me and realistically fit within my day. Next, I made sure to not set a strict schedule. I allowed flexibility in the times I get things done simply because I am a mom of two very demanding babies, and well things happen. I do this so that I don’t end up punishing myself or feeling as if I’ve failed because I was not able to complete a task at a specific time. Lastly, I started off small. I know we all want to go big but for me I needed to start off small so that I’m able to keep track of my tasks until they become habits.
Roxane N.
I started to use fabulous because I used to had anxiety and I wanted to occupy my time in anything. At first it was really difficult to focus in the simplest task, one thing that helped A lot was to meditate and understand how to live in the moment. This is important since focus is being present, in the moment. I really recommend you to start meditating.