Yes , how I can maximize my reading time and control my waste time?

Mel Q.
You can set an alarm clock daily, or you can go to bed half an hour ago every night and spend this last minutes as reading ritual

Ryan T.
I use mainly two tools: set time aside (using a timeline for the day) to avoid interruptions and focus; like I do when I meditate. I try, gently, to bring my attention to my reading all the time when I find myself wondering.

M Lody U.
Telefon kullanımımı sınırlandırırsam – örneğin Forest uygulaması ile veya buradan timer açarak- kendimi daha çok kitap okumaya yönlendirebilirim. Kitaplarımı elimin altında tutarak, kendimi geliştirmeyi ne kadar istediğimi hatırlayarak motivasyonumu arttırarak, en ufak boşluğu telefonla değil kitapla doldurarak.

Jared P.
You need to get rid of distractions as much as you can. When you feel like you are wasting time focus your time to better tasks.

Marinalda P.
I’m still working on this. Using audible books and reading along helps. But the main thing is to stop watching TV. Having audible books on your TV helps, for example using Amazon Audible on your Fire TV. Also I find reading to my 6yo kids as well as reading some books that my 12 yo is reading is enjoyable. Reading newspaper articles online, especially the specialty sections is fun along with playing g word games. But main thing I think is coming up with ways to cut TV out completely. We already have gotten rid of multiple TV’s in the house and are down to just 1 TV and we don’t subscribe to cable TV, but we do tend to watch show s on the computer on Netflix and Hulu which we need to cut down as well.

Regina I.
Hi, I would try and think about what is causing you to waste your time and try to block that (for example keeping your phone in another room) or just try and schedule your reading time as a priority.

Aubin S.
I normally read during the gap times, such as during: awaiting and on the busses/trains, in the attending area by the doctors, sometime during breakfast (if I have time and I'm alone). I also waste a lot of time, but I discovered the magic of timers. I set the timer until the next session of allowed waste time. So if I'm playing for too long I decide to put a timer of 1h/1h30 and during this time I try to do whatever it's important to do. I find this technique so good for me, because sometime I completely forget of the timer and continue to complete my stuffs instead of rebeginning to loose time. Good luck!

Jenny T.
Oky , actually am not an expert so I can explain and give you studies and stuffs like that but regarding to me it's about having a good long time to do many things oky , you didn't understand .I'll explain it , when I wake up early morning at 4:00 am or 5 :00 am I had a long peacfull time to read more and do it without distractions and I don't think I don't have time for reading book because my job or my studies or … So I have enough time to do more things and read books and watch Tv do my exercises, take a shower go to the university study … and also there's something I like to do is when I take the bus or a taxi I read a few pages and also when am waiting the bus or waiting a friend and also if I study foe 2 hours or more I try to take some breaks and read a few pages or sometimes I go to a Caffè and sit and read for 30 min quitely …. So this is actually what I do and with this small things I can finish a book per week or even 2 books

L Andre S.
Zoek een plek zonder afleiding, zet gsm op vliegtuigmodes, geen storing.
Verder lees alsof je het aan iemand weer vertellen

Katrine Y.
Keep your reading nearby, like on your phone. Make the dedication to read a page of your book whenever you get the chance. Instead of surfing Facebook, read. When you're looking for a show to watch, read.

Cidalino A.
I have a lot of luck filling empty spaces with reading if I keep books close at hand everywhere – ebooks on my phone, and regular books around the house and in my office space. I keep 3 or 4 books going at the same time, of different genres. I make sure to always have one biography/history/science or other educational book going – I learn so much in just a few minutes a day! With my phone, I can read while on a train, sitting in a waiting room, or during a 30-minute lunch break. A lot of times I pick up an ebook instead of just checking email or social media. By having physical books or magazines around the house, it makes it easy to grab one when I sit down for a few minutes with coffee etc- even if it's just to read a cookbook! The best part is, over the years I've found that even a few extra minutes a day of reading enriches my life tenfold.

Sofie U.
First of all find something you really want to read. Internal motivation is key! Turn off all devices, find a comfy place and just try picture whatever you are reading. If you really get your mind into it, you wouldn't want to waste any time, let along waste it on purpose.

Stanislaus Z.
I’m blessed in that I love to read. I also have MS and so it can be problematic. I have found being read too is a gift to both reader and receiver. Ultimately we have to determine how important to us is the gift at hand and Nike cliche, just do it. How do you want that last day to look? Then set goals and meet them. The last day comes too soon. It’s a privilege to prepare and on those days your stuck in the pit, call friends, listen to motivational speeches until you can get up and you don’t have to hit them all but those crucial ones, hit. Then you can feel good about what changes you have chosen to make and succeed at in your life. Good luck.

Joris O.
I maximize my reading time by choosing books of interest or topics I’m interested in. I also make sure that before I read, I’m not tired. Sometimes reading can make me sleepy (I’ve heard others get that way, too) and ensuring these things allow me to utilize the knowledge I gain and not waste time either falling asleep or being bored. I hope this helps!

J Rg U.
I usually study early Sunday morning s before daylight while having my coffee and watching the day breaks. The stillness of the day is uninterrupted by commitments. Throughout each day I will take a break for research and studying to improve my life and livelihood.

Deann Q.
I supposed it is good to make 25 min for concentration and 5 minutes for resting and repeat it for 4 times after that make long rest around 25 minutes.

Owen U.
Use time restrictions on all of your devices. On iPhone there’s a function in the settings called ‘screen time’ which is very helpful. You can limit the amount of time you want to spend on a group of apps, for example I have my social media group of apps set to a 1 hour limit per day. It’s amazing what you’ll find time for when you’re not on social media longer than that!

I also utilized the function of screen time which has a time of day based setting called ‘time out’ and you choose a list of your ‘allowed’ apps (kindle, iBooks, podcasts) that are allowed during that ‘time out’ – all other apps are locked and you can’t use them 🙂

Very efficient way of limiting distractions!

Evelyne N.
Saya tidak tahu tapi jika saya menyukai bacaan itu saya akan mengambil waktu besar untuk diluangkan membaca dan saya tidak akan pernah bosan

Naja Z.
This is actually something that I was struggling with myself today. As I found that people were interrupting me with their own agenda and my mind was drawn either to a conversation a person was having with me that knew I was in my study mode and as I found myself looking at the text I realized that I have to take myself and my goals seriously and that the moment I allow myself to get distracted I not only take away from my flow and focus but I give myself and others the opportunity to not take my time and my own goals seriously enough. Once we start to take ourselves seriously then waste time will be just that a waste and we can have a set time for relaxation and leisurely things as a reward for a job well done rather than a distraction from the task at hand. Stay Fabulous and know nothing is a waste truly for their is always a lesson to be learned.

Jack Q.
The best way that worked with me was after buting Bluetooth headphones and listening to audiobooks while cooking or cleaning. Thanks to that I even started finding these tasks enjoyable

Andreas X.
You can read for a short period and then rest for a shorter period. For example, you could read for 20 minutes and then rest for five. Knowing you're on a timer will make you less likely to get distracted.

Villads A.
I've started reading on my phone. So whenever I have to wait on a queue or travel on a bus for few stops, etc. I start reading. Actually, I'm writing this as I'm waiting for my girlfriend while she's shopping for clothes. Great reading opportunity!

Julien C.
First of all, it’s very important to relax before reading so if you are tired, take a nap (30 minutes) and then start.You will have to turn off your Wifi, mobile phone or TV.
2)Make selections! For example, you will read chapter 1 and then have 15 break and then start chapter 2. I think this helps. 🙂