how do you make time do more things while doing your regular activities and still being responsible?

Rosalyn O.
I think about the benefits and i enjoy a productive life so that means I have to do some sacrifices
Also being disciplined help a lot
Marialda S.
Honestly, when you figure out how to juggle kids, pets, work, school, a significant other & trying to keep up w/ some sort of personal life. Let me know cause I don’t really have the best answer for that. But it doesn’t mean it is impossible. If nothing else, at least try to do a date night once a week, or join a book club or kick boxing class, or anything that is just for you is always important to squeeze in often. Regardless of who likes it. Without your mental stability & sanity nothing else you try to do is going to be up to your best standard, especially for your family.
.✌🏼🤟🏼🖖🏼🙏 .
June J.
1. Don't use your devices a lot. Nowadays we spend a lot of time on our devices and that cost us a lot of time that can be use better.

2. Plan your day. Don't do things that aren't important. Set your priorities straight. And see where you have free time to do the extra thing that you want to do.

Johanne G.
MUlti-tasking and incorporating different people and activities I’m supposed to see/get done together and make more fun and experience out if everything.
S L Ne T.
I needed to cut other activities. I asked myself, which regular activities consumed a lot of time without generating value or meaning in my life. I decided to reduce time watching tv shows, on "social media", YouTube, the internet in general and video games. I still watch Movies or or use Webservices of course, but I try to do it with awareness and purpose.
Terry W.
For me it's all about priority. You have chosen to try and improve by joining fabulous so you want to make better choices.

Start with small things. Dont change or add lots in at once.

Try your best dont put to much pressure on yourself to achieve.

Also if you find your struggling to do everything. Look at what you are doing. It may be you are doing things that dont actually serve the greatest good for you. I use to think I didn't have time and realised I would watch a couple hours of tv every day.

Once you prioritise you can make time for things that actually with aid you to be the best version of yourself and life.

Jens Uwe X.
If I know I’m going to be busy, then I make sure to do my routine earlier. That way it’s already done, and when I come back or finish then I don’t have to worry about catching up and running myself down.
Fadime T.
I just get it done. Checking off items helps and prioritizing my day. Waking up early and quitting drinking are two top on my list to do because with achieving both, I’ll be able to achieve so much more in a single day.
Robim S.
It can be very difficult for me I just had to prioritize myself and put aside 20 or 30 minutes for me to do something that made me happy or I wanted to work on. I started on Sunday just sitting and painting for half an hour and now I'm also going to the gym 3 days a week.
Jayden Z.
i prioritise what i need to do rather than what i want to do. i find that making a to-do list before starting your day really helps because you’ll know how much time you need to commit to
Josselino Q.
by changing the way you are perceiving those activities. It’s easier to execute all your tasks if you get a nice feeling out of it. Try to put time in things that make you grow as a person, that make you proud of yourself and most importantly don’t be too hard for yourself when things are not going easy. It’s hard to build new, healthy habits. The fact that you are here, tells me that you have already the will to improve yourself.
Aventino E.
I usually make a timetable or to do list before going to bed and in the morning I will try to do everything I've written in it so organizing your time is important thing
Lucas Q.
Make sure you have your priorities in order and your most valuable goals, and try your best to work around them, start with small steps and become more comfortable with your time, make sure you are doing what matters to you and what is important, important point is- you can’t excel in all areas of your life all at one given moment, and that’s okay, we’re human
Christian P.
Well I'm not very efficient at using my time accurately and making time yet but as far as I can see we all have more time in our day than we realize we just need to stop wasting it with the little things