What are some ways you study if you are pressed for time? Do you use apps or read articles?

Heather O.
I just make myself comfortable and try to relax. If I’m pressed for time I shouldn’t stress myself so instead I need to make a plan to achieve my goal. Regularly I use the application ,,Wunderlist”. With its help I’m able to prepare my to dos and tick off everything I complete. It’s not only an assistance through your day- it’s also a relieved feeling to complete your tasks.

Francis P.
Unfortunately they don’t make an app for the PMBOK textbook. There are practice tests I can take online but by the time I finish work I don’t want to study. It’s been difficult to be consistent

Billy E.
I usually use articles as it is easier for me to take my own personal notes and study in the way that halos me best in my limited time

Justin W.
Firstly I try to study ahead so I always have time to study. But if there's really no time left, I tak a look at everything just a little so that I know something about it.

Mario S.
I prefer studying with articles or books. Sometimes I use apps or internet information for my studies. While travelling I keep a book with me & buy a magazine also, to myself occupied.

Benjamin E.
I try to find a video about the topic. If I need to memorize things I use a flash card app. I pick certain music for each topic and then listen while I study and then immediately before a test or quiz.

Jacob C.
Depends if you need to study a certain subject for a class. I’m just studying on my own trying to learn a new language so I use Duolingo Chinese and Hello Chinese. I make sure I work on it daily so I don’t forget the lessons before and do the reviews on both apps and the extra studying in Hello Chinese. I do stop and try to scribble out some Chinese characters so I can begin to memorize them. I really enjoy learning so find something you love and have always wanted to learn. If you don’t then fake it till you make it. It only takes ten minutes or less for a lesson on duolingo and they have several languages to choose from.

Derek F.
Y I read articles online. Out of desperation, sometimes I purchase books,apps, and even subscriptions to save time searching for the right content. es