How do you remember something that you think is reeeaaallllyyy boring for a test? This normally isn’t a problem for me, almost all subjects are interesting to me somewhat, but electricity is just sooooo boring!

Dr F.
Try associating something interesting, something you like with boring topic. Weave a story to help your memory storage and retrieval in the brain. Make it relevant. While studying, out on some soothing music in the background. Make small goals and reward your self immediately. Smile & hug yoursey. Say it out liud, "I love myself!".
Happy learning!
Lola Z.
Hi there
Electricity is my faculty xD
For me it's verrrrry interesting
U just have to like it and try to undersand it how it's really work on real life
Not just in paper
5 years ago i wasn't intersted in electricity and her related material