What do you use to reward yourself when you accomplish a small goal or complete a daily habit?

Alvin F.
I eat well and exercise most of the time, I like to relax. I am a busy person. A cup of tea, a good book purchase or finding a good book at the library or book box, is my reward now.

Olivar G.
A cup of masala tea is idle reward for me.
I think small changes are vital for us. I have heard if we do anything regularly for 21 days, it may become habit. Be Fabulous and develop atleast one good habit.

Tyler F.
i think about how good i feel about accomplishing my goals. how it's better to be happy than to be lazy. if i get myself a snack, i see it as a reward that i deserve.

Nikolaj N.
I haven’t figured out a good answer to this one yet.

Sometimes I reward myself by giving myself some extra minutes to enjoy good workout… or a few minutes to just relax and clear my mind and meditate to feel good about myself.

One good idea I saw on Fabulous video was to enjoy a favorite type of tea drink. I have done that by indulging in a fruit vegetable juice or tea although some of those speciality fruit vegatable juices get real expensive.

I also tend to watch a tv show or comedy skit in the evening but I need to try to stay away from TV in the evening.

I think I should try to come up with a simple indulgence that is a simple reward to help reinforce a good habit or ritual that I am trying to develop.

Elijah F.
I keep push toward the things that in power me before I get up am thinking about what I need to do , eat,and how long will I workout and just keep doing what I’m doing

Ezequiel Q.
Nothing much,i eather give myself piece od chocolate or something sweet or i dont give myself anything i Just feel good about it

Ryan U.
first off all I am so thankful that I have developed a postive good routine of geting up early in the morning for meditation followed by studying with complete peace of mind to score good marks in my final exams ..But what I know is I will be sticking to this idea of getting up early by not turning off the alarm even when my exams are done and replacing it with some excerise throughout my life…. …..and these are one of the goals that I have accomplished and I would love to reward myself either by eating some tasty food ..cheat meal 😂 or spend time with animals that I love ..

Lloyd X.
I haven't set up a reward system for small goals yet because for me my goal is to live a happy life everyday at every moment. Therefore my goals are my rewards because I have a hard time with self care. However if it were the reverse then it would be it allow myself an extra time to do something that I absolutely enjoyed. I hope this answers your question and I wish I could have beenore of a help.

Ninon T.
Maybe a face mask, a movie night, some self care, a bubble bath, i get to buy myself something that i’ve really wanted…

Nina U.
I hug myself if it’s something good for the soul (meditation, yoga) and I celebrate like a champion if it’s good for my body (starting the day well, eating healthy, exercising)

Ala De C.
How I like to reward my self from accomplishing a daily habit is complimenting myself and reflecting on the positive effects that came out of the habits.