What do you use to reward yourself when you accomplish a small goal or complete a daily habit?

Tyler Simmmons
i think about how good I feel about accomplishing my goals. how it's better to be happy than to be lazy. if I get myself a snack, I see it as a reward that I deserve.

Olivar Teixeira
A cup of masala tea is idle reward for me.
I think small changes are vital for us. I have heard if we do anything regularly for 21 days, it may become habit. Be Fabulous and develop atleast one good habit.

Alvin Snyder
I eat well and exercise most of the time, I like to relax. I am a busy person. A cup of tea, a good book purchase or finding a good book at the library or book box, is my reward now.

Elijah Shaw
I keep push toward the things that in power me before I get up am thinking about what I need to do , eat,and how long will I workout and just keep doing what I’m doing

Ezequiel Dias
Nothing much,i eather give myself piece od chocolate or something sweet or I dont give myself anything I Just feel good about it