How can I study for 10 hours a day?

Phillip T.
I believe in this saying so much which is "less is more" learn every day but without killing yourself with this huge amount of time.
10 hours seems to me out of reach.
But you know what? Actually we can learn all the day! But if we put ourselves in a new environment so every thing around us is an appourtunity to learn.
And also by learning in different ways and styles for example one hour make it for reading and one for watching something useful and enjoyable and one for listening to your
friends' experinces and so on
This way help you not to get bored with the process of learning
Thank you🌹🌼
Carmen E.
in my opinion, study is not just learn somethings new, but also review the things you've learnt, and it will be better that you can make an example to use it. So for ten hours, at least half of it need to be used to reflesh your memory. During work days, take 3-5 mins to learn and memorize, then during your work time, you can flash back now and then just to reflash the new things you've learnt. If you don't want to disturb your work hours, just take small steps, don't rush it.
Same E.
By focusing every day and taking it slow and good night s rest to do this
Lyam Z.
Hey so I'm a student as well and I know that I like to get in as many hours of studying as well but here's the reality. You can only do such more studying before you brain starts to shut off and not take in anymore information so if you want to study a lot then I would recommend to clear out your schedule for studying unless there is something that is really necessary for you to do and I was always like to keep my water bottle next to me or a glass of water just so I'm staying hydrated. Try to do 2 hours max of studying then take a break, maybe eat or go on a walk or spend time with people then you can go back to studying feeling refreshed and better rather than continuing with no breaks and none of the information is getting into your head
Florence Q.
Most important is an environment. Find a place that you can focus. For me it can be a library. It's also good that there are other people trying to focus so it helps you not to try to do other things… Then it's important to make short breaks to relax. I would suggest not to set up an alarm.. but simply study as long as you can focus… Then you take the break when you feel you really need it already. You can take a walk in a near park or go for a cup of coffee… Then back to work. I wish you lots of success and enjoy the studying. I know it might be stressful if it's just cause of some exam or something but the studying itself is great thing… With love, Marian.
Luis P.
Stay focused. Stay away from distractions. Study for 25 mins and take a break for 5 mins. Repeat it 4 times and take a 15 min break.
Mark J.
You should maybe study 5 hours half of the day and take 10 min breaks between. Then the other half of the day study another 5 hours repeating the same steps
Minnie O.
f you really want to study say yourself that you are not going to give up and give it all you got. World off study on!
Find your favorite place to study. Get everything ready and that's it you are ready!!
Angel P.
Take short breaks, prepare some food and water beforehand so you don't have to break your focus to cook or get up and drink. Be interested in what you're studying, start early, have a schedule about what you want to learn and achieve.
And lastly, don't make this your routine, what more, try to avoid it in the future. Your brain processes the new information when you're resting, the more hours you spend on studying the less effective it gets. Study smart, not hard. Next time, start studying earlier so you won't have to spend 10+ hours a day on it.
Karlfried S.
It can be rather difficult but it is possible. The best way to do it is to plan ahead everything you need to do and split each assignment in small tasks. Having it all down on paper makes it a lot easyer to focus and not feel overwhelmed. Also you should take a break every 30 minutes. During those brakes however try not to go on your phone or turn on the tv. Try stretching, meditating or having a short workout instead. This will help relax you and prepare your mind for another study session.