How can you focus on your studying without getting distracted?

Maureen B.
I am struggling with that since I have so many commitments at the moment. If I design a specific time that I do it then it’s better.
Stella E.
I suggest going in to a quiet room (maybe your dining or somewhere there is no tv). I would also turn your phone off and any other devices that aren't being used for studying purposes and begin:)
Lucas F.
Of course there are the obvious like putting your phone on silent, out of your sight, etc. What’s helped me though is to keep a kind of ‘to-do list’ for when I’m on a study break, where I’ll write all the stuff that keeps distracting me and popping into my head. Things like “remember to wish Jake a happy birthday” and “answer Leah on Snap”. So they’re all there when you let yourself go on your phone again once you’ve finished studying.
Alexandrino Z.
I personally like to put myself in a quite atmosphere, this app offers the ability to do your tasks with smooth music playing in the background, I tend to find that really relaxing which helps me focus. It provides me a sort of weird reassurance that somebody is watching and marking me, as if I’m apart of a test. I’ve improved a lot on my focus towards studying, and for that I am really thankful to this app!