I often spend more time organizing my study materials ( books, notebooks, pens, a list of apps and sites ) then I do studying some days thinking that will motivate me Everything is already pretty much organized. I guess I’m just hoping I will have the perfect set up and I know that is impossible. How do I just start doing it ? To me, getting started is much more difficult than sticking with the task once I start

Rene M.
Organization is important, but it's kind of useless if it becomes a distraction. In academia, our major issue is the size of the workload. As a college teacher, I'm quite familiar with the problem. In fact I'm facing it right now. The solution that I found to this is to breakdown the large task into smaller ones. Typically, what I would do with marking, for instance, would involve creating batches of essays to correct. I try to set a realistic goal regarding the quantity of as soon as I need to deal with everyday, knowing that there's a fixed deadline that I have to meet. The other thing that I do is that I set aside time in my agenda for marking. The same should go for studying. In doing so, you will be able to fragment or larger task into smaller segments which will be both more manageable and less intimidating. I hope this helps!
Evamaria X.
Breath with your eyes closed.
Breath with attention to that spot inside your nose that feels cool as you inhale.
Count your breaths.
Breath complete breaths, all the way in to capacity, all the way out to capacuty.
Count the length of your breath to 7.
Make the inhale the same length as the exhale.
7 times.