How much study in a day to be better

Ana P.
At least 20min. There are this Ted you should watch to get yourself inspired to keep working hard:

Albina F.
For me it depends on my mood. Although you should set aside a time to focus on your chosen topic, there’s times when things aren’t quite “flowing” and it feels like a tremendous effort. Effort and hard work are good and pay off, but sometimes it can lead to frustration and putting you off altogether. So don’t be afraid to shorten or lengthen your study time depending on your productivity and mood. Saying that, I think that around two blocks of 45 mins (1.5 hours) is ideal.

Emanuel T.
90 minutes for Proverbs and prepare for Ist online lecture I will prepare Redemptions Talks and Corona, make an outline then advertise the presentation.

Zee O.
I say no more than 45mins a day is good. The key to studying is retention. When you study make sure you review your past lessons. This helps your brain remember the information and build pathways in your brain to get the information quicker. Just make sure that when you study you take breaks to let your mind rest.