I’m in the summer between my 10th and 11th grade, and I didn’t do very well in my 10th grade, should I be trying to continue learning to try to be in a better position when we return or just give it a break until September?

Christian F.
First of all know the reason why you are not succeeding in your class. Is it because you played video games instead of studying? Is it because you are delaying your work while watching a jimmy Fallon videos on YouTube? Or it’s because you feel like you are not smart enough? If you know the root problem of your situation, you will come up with your own solution by yourself. Trust yourself.
Ine Marit F.
The knowledge you gonna gain will be a lot easier for you if you learned the basics, do yourself a favor and study a bit – but don’t overdo it ❤️
Tif O.
I think giving yourself a break will allow you to practice some self love. I am in my second semester of my 2nd year at uni and I didn't do very well last semester. I gave myself Christmas break to sort of… grieve perfection and love on myself and allow old habits to go. I prepared for this semester and made sure to read more and got organized before the semester started. I say give yourself a break, then prepare early so you hit the ground running! Good luck! You'll do just fine.😘
Daniel I.
Better have some rest, fun and develop your interests to know exactly what you want in life.
Start doing stuff now, when there's no pressure to do it.
You'll get by in studies once it starts, I promise.
Take time to figure out your priorities in life.